Friday, February 7, 2014

Our Friday

So our Friday has not been as planned. School was canceled again because the ice just won't melt and we are in due for more snow on top of all this. Katherine woke up at 1am crying about her ear so I put a warm press on it an got her back to sleep. I'm not feeling up to par either. So I took Katherine to the doctor today and have been treating my own earache.

Katherine came out of the doctors office prescribed some medicine with the diagnosis of a double ear infection and one of her ear drums ruptured.

The poor girl knows her mommy and daddy have to go to work so she's been going through all this and barely a mention of it. I really wish I had known earlier that she was in that much pain.

So I've spent the day home nursing myself and her while my oldest works on a school project due next week.

We've spent the day watching Swiss Family Robinson and Katherine has really enjoyed it.

While Katherine and I were talking this morning we were watching the birds through the window and she asked me to take a picture of a pretty boy cardinal who seemed to just beg for attention.


  1. Hope everyone is MUCH better by now. I love the cardinal pictures. Isn't it supposed to be good luck when you see one? I thought I had heard that somewhere.

    1. Well some good luck would be nice so let's hope so. :)
      The pictures turned out really well for going through my window (thank goodness for clean windows). So well actually the local news station showed it on air. I got a lot of emails and comments in person. I kept wondering if it was from the Facebook share until someone said they saw it on TV. - See one should always clean their windows. :)