Sunday, February 9, 2014

Zebra Magazine Holder

So you know me and cardboard by now and upcycling when I can. Well this is another upcycle project of a cereal box like I did for my cooking books. This one is for Katherine though. 

I had to actually pull out the cereal from this box because I was being stubborn when I found out Ranger Rick magazines are wider than normal magazines. Don't worry I labeled and dated the bag of cereal. :)

So I took a ruler and I measured out my cut lines all around the box, this isn't an exact science you do what you think would look best. 
I probably should have taken more pictures through this process. OOPS! I'm planning to make another one to hold Katherine's Comic books so when I do I'll try to put a few more pictures in. (**Edit: Added a few pictures to try and show the process a little better. It's pretty straight forward.)

After I cut out my box I wrapped it in duct tape (you could try to glue craft paper on it or other techniques too I just don't suggest painting directly on it because these boxes have a waxy outer coating the paint won't want to stick around).

I then pulled out some chalkboard vinyl I had left from the picture frame project the other year. They also make dry erase vinyl but for something like this I prefer the chalkboard. If you do pick some of this stuff up use the bistro chalk pens not hard old fashioned chalk because the hard chalk won't write well and will scratch it up. 


  1. I love this idea for making a holder for some of my older son's comic books. I don't think he'd go for the pink zebra tape though ;)

    1. LOL Probably not but thankfully duct tape comes in all sorts of neat colors and designs these days :)