Sunday, February 16, 2014

Busy Monday, February 17

Today's 'To-Do' List
  • Groceries
  • Kids out of School so keep them studying
  • Help Katherine study for her state capitals and latin/greek terms
  • Doctor's Appt for myself
  • Get Brielle started on Studying for ACT
  • Order Seeds for Garden
  • Pork Chops, mashed potatoes w/gravy, peas
  • Pizza
  • Meatloaf, mashed potatoes w/gravy, corn
  • Spaghetti 
  • Royal Round Steak
  • Chicken & Pasta, peas or corn for Kat & Pete - Steamed Cauliflower for Brielle & myself
This Week's 'To-Do' List
  • 4-H STEM
  • Community Campus
  • Seed Library
    • I'm not sure what the 'Seed Library' is but last year I started up a Facebook gardening group for local people so we could talk about gardening or sell our produce. So far this Spring it has exploded with new members and a few of them are pretty well connected. One is hosting a 'Seed Library' at the local library. There will be some talk about growing food from table scraps (Family Fun and Family Circle have articles on this that the library is also showing though I subscribe to those so I've read them) and also they will be giving away free seeds.
Last Week

So you may notice Community Campus is back on my schedule and yup it overlaps with STEM AGAIN. What really happened is last week I had it down and I sent Pete and Brie over to it only to find out I had put it down in my calendar for the wrong week! Oh I felt awful about that because I had pulled the girls out of STEM early and now will have to do it again! Too many plates spinning. 

I took the girls to Project Club with the 4-H this last week too. I was very impressed to see one of the boys trying to sew also instead of automatically going over to the woodburning table for those that didn't want to sew. 

The girls made corded laundry bags. There were lots of hiccups along the way but they are getting better.

So I hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day. I said heck with it all and fell off the wagon by a whole 21g of carbs but how could I not eat chocolate. The girls and I made our very own peanut butter cups and the recipe I found for the peanut butter filling I think was excellent. Though the recipe was for LARGE ones not our small ones so it makes respectfully around 50! 

Other things we did this week is went to a kids birthday party our friends' daughter turned 3. 

I got a giant stack of coupons which I haven't gotten organized yet. I never did get around to organizing the other coupons last week either. 

Friday the kids were let out of school an hour early - Okay Rant time -
Possibility of snow we were told a few inches possible! So they hold school anyways and then let the school out an hour early. Now the only reason I found out is because I was being a bum at work and decided to check my facebook and saw another friend post about it! No phone calls went out to the parents at work, there were no phone messages at home so I'm assuming they didn't go out there either. Other than being on the local news and word of mouth it was the only way anyone was finding out about the early school closure! Needless to say this had me irrate! So I called up the School District Office and made a formal complaint! *huffs and puffs*

Otherwise hmm... Katherine had a very bad week at school for things like forgetting to raise her hand and such but after being out of school so long I don't blame her. She finished out the week strong and with all the practicing we did on things like division she flew through her test instead of being one of the last ones like normal. I was very proud of her.

A lady I know raises chickens and she sent some farm fresh eggs into town for me. Aren't they gorgeous! 

I was trying to think if there was anything else last week but not really. I've been rather sleepy and not very motivated this past week. Work has had me busy as heck too.
I did make this jar though last week.
Can you tell I still have the spring itch? 

That's about all. Let's hope this is a good week. Warm weather is suppose to be on its way and I'm excited for it. 


  1. You can't very well not eat chocolate on Valentine's Day ;) I think as long as you get right back to eating right, you'll be okay. Of couse, that is where I struggle. 1 day becomes another and another. Those peanut butter cups look yummy! You do have a lot going on over there. I can't believe that about the school. I'd have called as well. So glad you found out though.

  2. raising your hand is overrated, but dont tell your daughter i said that! love the text on the "busy monday edition" and also AMEN to warmer weather! (sorry if this comment posts twice!)