Monday, April 21, 2014

Busy Monday, April 21

Today's 'To-Do' List
  • Drive Brielle into School
  • Write this Blog 
  • Menu
  • Lunch with Peter
  • Groceries
  • Return library movie
  • Go out and look at clothes again
  • Plant Parsley
You'll notice everything is crossed off. Pretty much because I started this blog last night and I've been running from the moment we stepped out the door at 7am to just now when I get to sit down at 4:45pm. I'm pretty exhausted tell the truth.
Dinner is in the oven and I'm just trying to take a breather. Dinner was going to be done on time because I came home long enough to start the oven and asked Brielle to put it in the oven when it was pre-heated. Normally Brielle likes to set the timer for 5 hrs instead of 50 min so I went back over the directions of how to set the timer. When I came home she was so proud that she set the timer right she was like, "Look mom only 35 minutes left!" I then had to ask her what she was cooking as I stared at the food on the counter that never went in the oven. So dinner will be a little late tonight but not horribly so. 

And turns out we don't have enough cat litter so it appears I'm going back out to the store tonight. I really just want to relax for a little while. (sighs)


  • Sliced Turkey w/gravy, w/Potatoes & Corn - Hold over from Sunday because I got heat exhaustion so cooking was out of the question. Instead my husband went out and picked something up. 
  • Tacos - Another hold over because Saturday we were at our friends Easter Hunt until 6pm so going home to make dinner was out of the question that late.
  • Cheese & Ham Grills w/Tomato Soup
  • Spaghetti
  • Cookout
  • Eat Out
  • Pizza

This Week's 'To-Do' List

  • Pick up Brielle after school a day or two this week as many in her class are needing to do that to finish up testing in math.
  • Meeting with Photographer and pay sitting fee
  • Drive Brielle into School Friday for an Orchestra competition
  • First Family Portrait this Saturday!! - It's got me scared to death. We've never had a family photo taken. We've handed our camera to random people while on vacation and that is about as close as we've ever gotten.  
  • Botanical Garden Annual Plant Sale
  • Magic the Gathering Pre-Release
  • Take children to library to return/check out books
  • Cook Out with Friends?!? -- I'm still trying to set this up. 
  • Oh and Tuesdays and Thursdays I'm going to be meeting a friend after work at the gym to work out. I'm not sure how long I'll keep up with this plan but I'm going to try. 

Last Week

It's hard to believe I'm coming off of a 4 day weekend. We've been so busy and there were many things that didn't go onto my calendar and tried to take me by surprise. Brielle had a meeting with Honor's Society one day, I had the Library Garden Fair on Saturday and directly from there we went to an Easter Egg hunt with the kids way out in the county. A bunch of other stuff happened too I'm sure. It all becomes a blur after a while.

Saturday night we dyed eggs. I told you it's been busy so everything has pretty much been last minute around here it seems.
 My table was is littered with stuff! Oh so much stuff! I emptied out my little egg jars and we started separating jelly beans and candy into the smaller jars. It's the only way I could think of so I could get the eggs put away (which they aren't of course they are in a bag waiting to be put away).
I made sure not to cut the lawn for the Easter Egg hunt this morning. The bunny never made it into the house other than to drop off baskets seeing how the kids were up at 6:30 am they were so excited!

Sunday, I spent the whole day out in the yard raking, mowing, trimming, pulling, weeding and it seemed like everything else. I'm still trying to refind my yards from the very long winter we had.
I did find out that I need to get someone to sharpen my lawn mower blade though. There are a lot of things I will do and I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty. I'll even change out the oil, the spark plugs and change the blade on a lawn mower but the idea of sharpening the blade always makes me worry I'm going to ruin the blade and half to buy a new one.
I did give myself quite the burn though... don't mind the bathroom told ya I've been busy!
I really should think about my surroundings before I start snapping pictures LOL. Or take the time to edit the pictures.

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