Monday, September 15, 2014

Busy Monday, September 15

To Do List made on break
So how about a non-traditional Busy Monday because I don't feel like going back and pulling up my template to go through everything this week.
I was actually at work this morning though I started off the day by having to drive Brielle in for school. I swear she's never missed this bus so many times before in one year let alone in just a couple months.
In any case yup it was back to work today. As you all might or might not know I only work part time. A flat 20 hours no less and no more... well until last week. I got called in to Monday.. you might recall from last week I was out sick Thursday and Friday and I got the call Friday to come in on Monday. I worked Monday-Friday and by Wednesday I had already had my 20 hours in and deadlines were upon us and all hell was breaking loose at the plant. Normally just being a drafts-woman I sit in my office and draw my pretty little lines, fill out paperwork and forms and sometimes go walk the lines (okay more than sometimes) and from my office which is so far remove from the other offices I rarely get pulled into ... as one of the engineers puts it... the puzzle palace. This was not the case and so I worked 30 instead of 20 which I'm not saying is a ton I know there are a lot of full-time moms out there! It's just the first time in over 7 years I've done it. It's actually nice in some ways because you're there long enough that doesn't feel like you're restarting a project over and over again. -- To note I am the ONLY drafter for this chemical factory so it's not all peaches and cream because I'm trying to do what could easily be a 40 hour job in 20 hours and if I wasn't good at what I did I might have to work 40 hours but I like being able to spend some time with my children so I work my tail end off.

Anyways so last week was packed and busy and I still tried to keep all the balls in the air and plates spinning at home also. I pretty much had a nervous breakdown but was better after that.

Friday, Peter went on call and because he got called in to look at a PC he wasn't able to go to his normal Friday Night Magic (FNM) so instead we had our oldest watch the youngest for a little bit and we met some friends at a bar. I tried to order a shirley temple and the bartender couldn't figure that out... I guess they aren't used to people ordering things without alcohol.

Saturday I felt bad about not getting any sewing done on Katherine's halloween outfit so I worked on that. I really hate sewing tulle I have found out. -- Oh and Brielle and I went to the fabric store so I could get some more fabric I found out I needed; we did that while Katherine and Peter were at Pokemon League.

Sunday was Brielle's birthday! My god I have a 14 year old!! We took it pretty easy and then went out for dinner.

Today as I said I went to work, I got the grocery shopping done and I've started using an app called Grocery IQ. I'll tell you what I think about it in a few weeks. I got the front lawn string trimmed and mowed but I never got to the backyard so that will have to be pushed off.
I wanted to get Katherine picked up early but sadly that didn't turn out to be the case because it took forever to check out and then the line to get fuel was really long too.
Utility bill is ready to go in the mailbox and I found out the college payment (for the classes Brielle is taking in high school for college credit) I can mail too so I wrote the check and I'll get an envelope set up for it tonight.
I did get to the hospital for my B-12 shot and was in and out amazingly fast though she really jabbed that shot in there.
I got some laundry done and some dishes done... It won't be on the list below but sometime this week I need to make up more laundry detergent I'm almost out!!
Pete had to go work a second job tonight he does PC work on the side on top of his actual job so he wasn't home until like 6:30 tonight so his dinner was cold sadly.
We had Breakfast for Dinner.

Tuesday I'll go into work.
After work I'm going to try and pick up Katherine early from After School so we can work on homework and she can have time for a bit of a snack before we drive out for the school running/track thingy we've been doing each Tuesday this Month.

Dinner plans is Spaghetti with Italian Sausage. Pete's going to make dinner... I wonder if I should be scared.

Wednesday... Yup more work how did you guess?

Hamburger Helper and I'm going to see if that salad in my fridge is still good by then.

Yes, you can look at the picture and cheat and see Friday but on to Thursday!

You guessed it more work!
I also need to verify with the baby sitter if she is picking up Katherine at After School or if she wants Katherine to ride the bus home. I also need to take to the babysitter some sleeping bags and pillows.
I'll then go get Katherine.

Dinner plans are Chicken, pasta and peas.

Friday!!! I send the kids off to school and then Peter and I get ready for our one night vacation as we head off to Memphis, Tennessee. Peter and I are going to go see Penn and Teller and are excited about it. We can't be more grateful to our babysitter who agreed to take the girls for us!

Saturday Peter and I drive home early and go get the kids because we don't want to abuse the good graces of our friend. Saturday night Peter and I will be out at a Magic the Gathering pre-release tournament.

Sunday is busy too! We are picking up the birthday cake for Brielle and we are going to the bowling alley to have a bowling party with her friends. Why is it a week late? Well some of her friends come from splitt homes so she wanted to make sure that her friends were with the parents that would let them come.
After the birthday party Peter goes off to play at another pre-release. My plans are to get work clothes clean, chores taken care of and if there is time maybe get some sewing in.

Some pictures from last week...

Kids lined up for last Tuesday's race.

Katherine finally making her way in I teased her and told her she would be zombie food. 

Lazy cat found her way to the table and in the background is some jars I've been painting. I haven't quite got the hang of it yet but I'm getting there. 

This one and the one below are some candy molds I picked up. I thought they were super neat. I need to practice making them so that when Halloween gets here I'll be ready. So far all I've accomplished is eating the oreos before even messing with chocolate. 

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