Monday, April 20, 2015

Busy Monday, April 20

To Do List

  • Get kids off to school
  • Write this Blog
  • Lunch with Peter
  • PTO - Homework Diner - We've really enjoyed this program and I wish we would have started going earlier this school year but we were always 'busy'. 
No grocery shopping or menu planning I've been doing that on the weekend because I've been taking Johanna out shopping with me since it means we get to hang out but also we can try and make healthier choices together over all and watch our budgets. AKA have someone around to slap our hands when we reach for candy bars in the checkout area.

  • Monday - Homework Diner
  • Tuesday - Breaded Pork, Mashed Potatoes, Peas
  • Wednesday - Lasagna
  • Thursday - 4-H Awards Dinner
  • Friday - Pizza
  • Saturday - Subway
  • Sunday - Grilled Chicken, Pasta & Corn

This Week's 'To-Do' List

  • Monday - See above
  • Tuesday - Nothing so far thank goodness
  • Wednesday - Also nothing woot woot! 
  • Thursday - 4-H award dinner
  • Friday - Peter goes to All Pro-Dad's breakfast at the school with Katherine and Peter has FnM at the game shop. 
  • Saturday - I go to the botanical garden for their annual plant sale in the morning, Katherine has Pokemon League in the afternoon, I go to Bitch 'N Stitch that evening and then after BnS I'm suppose to go have coffee with some friends. 
  • Sunday - Blacky finally gets down to the groomers it's been way too long and I ended up giving him a silly hair cut a couple weeks ago just so the poor dear wouldn't be so hot while his groomer was gone on vacation. I will probably go grocery shopping again Sunday. 

Last Week

Ah... Last week. I worked a bunch and never did get down to the gym... again. 

Friday I said, "let's cook out!" because it was going to be a hot day so that is what we did. I invited Johanna to come over with her baby Nora because her fiance wouldn't be home until late from work and then one of our other friends and her daughter came over too and we had a cookout and then started a fire and made smores!
Saturday there was the OMG Convention preview. They had a little cosplay competition, video games, board games, etc. I really didn't get to be in there for very long.
See what happened is Friday, remember Friday? Well it bled into Saturday aka I slept in as did Peter. By time we got out the door it was 10:30 which was no real biggie since the convention hall is only like a 5 minute drive but on our way there Katherine went full on exorcist in the car... Just BLARG!!! all over the back of my car because she had spun herself in my computer chair right after eating breakfast so we had to turn around and I dropped off the family so they could get Katherine cleaned up and see if she was feeling any better later and I went off to the car wash where I gave my car a good scrub on the inside. Katherine did feel better though so we loaded back up in the car but by that time it was time for lunch so we took the kids to Feta Pizza and then Peter and the girls walked over to the convention and I went back home to meet a lady I know for my massage hour... always nice to know someone going through massage school. Afterwards though I did go back by the convention just to check it out for a few minutes and play a few video games in japanese so we never knew which option we were choosing.
It was then time for Brielle to start getting cleaned up and for us to have a quick dinner (and the parents a quick nap) and then I took Brielle to her orchestra concert at the performing arts center. 

They were the lobby entertainment for the cities professional orchestra.
There for a little bit I got to join the orchestra during practice because the bass player was sprinting there just having come from a play and she forgot her music so I got to be a page turner because I actually am or was a musician... I played for a lot of years but I'm rusty but I got back into it. I found it entertaining to be back in the orchestra again.  

That evening we left the kiddos to their own devices for a little while and went over to a friends to hangout around the fire and talk for a little bit. It's nice when the kids are old enough you can leave the house for a little bit (mind you with everyone making sure they had cellphone charge and going over the rules and locking everything up and generally being a bit over protective). Pete and I stayed and talked for awhile then came home to tackles the next day.

Sunday I picked up Johanna and we went out grocery shopping that was about the extent of the day. Peter went to a play later that evening and the girls hadn't gotten all the dishes done yet so I ended up taking the girls out for Taco Bell because I didn't want to mess around in a kitchen with dirty dishes in it. I nagged the girls a bit but overall we came home in a better mood than when we left because I wasn't happy about the state of their chores when we were leaving. 

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