Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesday Edition

This Week's 'To-Do' List

Today- 4-H STEM Club (Brielle & Katherine & myself)
Friday - FNM (Peter)
Saturday - Orchestra Concert (Brielle)
... Maybe a trip to Indiana Sunday to Lincoln's Boyhood Home since it is a free weekend at National Parks

Last Week

Well this isn't so much 'last week' as it is the last few days because my blogging schedule is completely off! 

Saturday a couple friends asked if we wanted to go out to lunch so we dropped the kids off at the game shop (with a cellphone & let the shop know they know us well) for pokemon and then we went out to lunch at a local resturant we'd always heard great reviews on though all of us were not impressed with the actual food. The prices were high, they weren't taking plates off the table unless we caught someone to ask, we rarely saw anyone to even get drink refills and then we couldn't figure out where to pay and my husband and I were going to order a dessert but we couldn't get the waiter over at all so we ended up just asking where to pay and we all left pretty dissatisfied. On top of that their payment system was basically on a tablet and it automatically put in choices for 18-20-22% tip. My husband was very upset with this because he did not feel our waiter deserved an 18% tip and I'd have to agree. My husband also brought up a good point that since when did tips start at 18%? This is a new thing probably because businesses refuse to increase the hourly rate of tipped employees and I think it is BS. There are some places I tip very well but that is because the folks working there really deserved it. In any case later that day I picked up my friend again after she did some running we left her 11 month old with my 14 yr old to babysit (she's really good with baby's and if she was going to be home this summer I'd let her take a summer job of it) and my friend (Johanna) and I went around town. I took her over to Aldi since she hadn't been there since the opening since she doesn't drive and then I took her over to Dollar Tree which she hadn't been there before and I blew her mind with all the wedding ideas and decorations for her daughter's upcoming birthday and such. We dropped off groceries and checked in with the kids to make sure everything was still going alright (I had forgotten my cellphone so I picked that up) and then Johanna and I went out for dinner at Fetta Pizza which is one of those places I DO tip very well without being asked to do so because everyone there is so SUPER nice and they are always right on top of everything even when they are busy! After which Johanna and I went over to Gambrinus Libation Emporium and had a few martinis okay Johanna had more than I did but we'd take sips of each others because they have such fun drinks. After a night out what else is left to do? Well go to Kroger and finish up our grocery shopping of course because that's how us girls roll!
Saturday was fun.
... Oh also Saturday in the lull between lunch and going out with Johanna, Peter and I went to pick up the girls at the game shop and we bought a new board game called Dungeon! so we're hoping to play that soon!

Sunday I spent all day outside pretty much and was transplanting my tomato plants into bigger containers.

We grilled out and ate outside and it was really nice especially since the bugs aren't out yet. 
Monday I made Chicken Enchiladas  though I changed up the recipe and used corn tortillas instead of flour and I didn't have mozzarella but I had a bag of italian blend cheese. Everyone said they had a really sweet taste to them. They were interesting and I saved the recipe for something different some other time. I have had better but they weren't bad. 
Monday I did some additional grocery shopping and ran across a lot of quick sale produce so I stocked up and changed my lunch menu to salads pretty much this week. 
I also went to Jo-Ann Fabrics because their Simplicity patterns were on sale and I ran into another lady and we started chit chatting. Now Johanna and I are looking at buying an embroidery machine together but neither of us really know anything about those machines other than they are neat. Well the lady I was talking to at Jo-Ann Fabrics did use an embroidery machine and I found out all sorts of things that I didn't know that changed completely my opinion of what we should buy so Johanna and I are back at the drawing board trying to make up our mind plus it means the cost has gone up so we'll have to save for a bit longer.

Tuesday it was work as normal and home as normal though I have been trying to help Katherine with a lot of math studying they are testing here soon... lots and lots of mandatory testing and it drives me batty but we have to get through it. 

Today is picture day for Katherine so I got her all gussied up well we put a dress on her and I used some anti-humidity spray on her hair. I don't really see the point of a 10 year old wearing make-up we don't need to make our kids look older they'll grow up too fast as it is. 


  1. Why is it the restaurants everyone raves about always turn out to be the worst? That happens to us a lot as well. Odds are if the entire world thinks the place is great, we aren't going to like it. I don't get 18% auto tip. Wow. I thought tips were only supposed to be added on automatically for parties of 6 or more. The big mandatory testing stuff is going on here as well. All the hoopla surrounding it drives me bonkers. Hope your daughters pictures turn out well!

    1. They did have a way for you to adjust the tip but it was on the big tablet screen meaning anyone else could see what you were putting and it didn't actually show you your total on the screen so you couldn't even do the math correct. It was a horrible system in my opinion.
      Yeah I swear they spend more time testing than studying at school. I'm really not a fan of the new methods they are using to educate.
      Yeah I hope they turn out well also though I noticed when I picked her up from school she had a button undone in the middle of her chest and I get this sinking suspicion that it was undone all day because the folks that take the pictures really don't care. If you've got some strange hair standing up they just click the picture, a button is undone they click the picture and it's been more and more disappointing over the years because it's little stuff like that I'll notice and it drives me batty.