Thursday, April 9, 2015

Catching up a little

We are officially on Spring Break here... well the kids are.
Let's see if I can catch us up a little though I know I'm going to forget a lot. Most of the last few weeks has been 'work' though I have started on a new dress this one for myself I'll try and get that posted if I ever find the time to finish it.

I want to say it was Monday after the trip to DC I finally finished up Katherine's dress I was sewing. It was shorter than I would have liked but Katherine really liked it.

Friday night I had the kids dye eggs.

(pictures of eggs at bottom of blog)

Saturday we went to an Easter Hunt party/cookout so Friday I spent shopping and cooking since it was a paid holiday for me.
I tried two new recipes.
One was a Potato Salad that personally I thought was light on taste but my oldest daughter who doesn't like potato salad said that she liked this one better and other people seemed to like it. I may keep the recipe I haven't decided.
The other recipe I tried was for a Lemon Bundt Cake. I had problems with this recipe. First the liquid was too little so I had to add a bit more lemon juice and then the glaze tasted horrific at least by itself. After it was put on the cake and left overnight the next day it didn't seem as bad and some folks really like the tart but needless to say I didn't use all the glaze because they have you make a lot of it!

Sunday of course was Easter. We took it pretty easy and I cooked a HUGE ham. We've ate a lot of ham recently.

What happened to busy Monday? Well I had all my normal monday stuff like shopping and such to do plus a retirement party for one of the Engineers from work I needed to attend and I also was trying to take care of some insurance claim information which had me chasing my tail and I had my B-12 shot so it was overly busy so I didn't take the time to put up a post. Truthfully I didn't take the time to make dinner either we went to Sam's Club for some food there before we went shopping there for a resupply which blew my budget out of the water but it was all stuff we were going to need soon and won't have to resupply again for months.

This past Tuesday I tried to use up some ham. So I took chicken and swiss I had found at Aldi on clearance a few weeks ago and made a baked no breading version of chicken cordon bleu. It was a touch bland it needed something else but I may call this recipe a keeper (which probably means I should write it down sometime). 

Wednesday was Taco night. I had bought these taco salad bowl molds at Aldi on clearance as something to try out. It was... chewy and of course very small because I was using corn tortillas to cut calories. It'll need some tweaking but it is something I'm definitely willing to try again. 

Thursday we went to Gattitown (think Chuck E Cheese) because Peter and I have been at work all week it's left the kids home alone just glued to the TV and the computer so we wanted to at least take them out once to let them have some fun. It happened that Thursday's apparently they have their quarter a play games too so we all  got to play lots of games for a lot less money than we would have normally had to have spent. 

Right now it's storming so I'm just trying to wait until the brunt of the front hits then I'm going to bed after making sure we don't lose power.
This weekend we need to get caught back up on the house, I need to transplant my tomatoes into bigger pots and I think that is the bulk of the 'to do' we are hoping for a quiet weekend for once. 


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  1. I am glad to see all is well. I certainly understand about being busy. By the way, I love the new blog background :) This was the first year ever where we didn't dye Easter eggs with the boys. I really wasn't as sad as I thought I'd be about that one. I always seem to struggle with lemon dishes for some reason although I do like them. Yesterday was cold and windy but it looks like a lot of sunshine will be coming your way soon if our weather comes your way. Hope your girls have a wonderful spring break!