Monday, April 27, 2015

Busy Monday, April 27

To Do List

  • Get kids off to school
  • Write this Blog
  • Go to work
  • Go to supervisors house, bringing lunch with the other ladies from work because he's still laid up injured at home. -- This is the plan at least I haven't heard back if Monday works for him or not I'll know when I get into work.

  • Monday - Tacos
  • Tuesday - Eat Out 
  • Wednesday - Spaghetti with Chicken
  • Thursday - Crockpot Royal Round
  • Friday - Pizza
  • Saturday - Chicken Bake
  • Sunday - Burgers, beans, chips and other BBQ type stuff

This Week's 'To-Do' List

  • Monday - See above
  • Tuesday - Brielle Orthodontist, 4-H Project club -- Still no clue what the project will be.
  • Wednesday - All clear! 
  • Thursday - CLEAR!!
  • Friday - Get Brielle to school by 5am for her all day Orchestra competition.
  • Saturday - So far clear!
    • Correction Free Comic Book Day! so something fun!!
  • Sunday - Woot no plans! 
This week so far is not shaping up to be overly busy and I'm so glad of that!

Last Week

Do I have to cover last week? I'm tired thinking about it. 

Monday we went to the last Homework Diner of the year. This was a new program they were trying out and we really enjoyed it and I wish it would have been started years ago since this is Katherine's last year at the elementary school (my word I can't imagine her in middle school!).

Thursday we went to the 4-H Awards Dinner. I ate entirely too much and got my 4-H shirt for this year along with the kids. It was an enjoyable evening if for nothing more than I didn't have too cook!

Friday I got out of work early and came home and took the plants outside to take care of them and get them staked. I've got way too many tomato plants and I really should sell some! 

After taking care of that I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the backyard up and getting things ready for the storm front that was moving in on Saturday. I ended up tossing out whatever plans I had to drive a friend down to the ER thankfully it was nothing too serious but it did toss a wrench into things but that's okay just glad I could be there for them.While my friend was going through the ER stuff there wasn't really a reason for me to stick around the hospital I know how the ER goes so I went ahead and did some running around and got myself a table ironing pad.
Later that night after I got my friend home I went out to visit my husband at the game shop. There are benefits to the kids being older I can leave the house for longer periods of time. Mind you I was stopping in through the evening because I am over protective. I ended up going out to eat with my husband and another one of our friends for a snack and just to BS and talk for a little while. By time we got home, sat dinked around the house and got to bed it was after 12:30am! I had to be back up at 6:40 the next morning.Oh! And I got myself a little friend that evening! She's just absolutely adorable!! (Little mousy)

Saturday I picked up a friend and we dropped her daughter off at my house and then my friend and I went to the botanical garden and it started sprinkling on us so after I got way too many plants we left and I went to the swap meet but my silly butt didn't pay attention to the time so we drove around it and no one was there and I thought it got canceled but really I was like over 30 minutes early. So then we drove out to the farmers market where I bought honey (which is what I wanted at the swap meet) for way too much from a local farm because local honey is best. After the farmers market we drove out to the public library and I showed my friend the seed library since my friend is trying her hand at gardening for the first time ever this year so she got some seeds from the seed library and loaded up with books then we came back to my house and I let her go through all of my information on gardening. 
I got to rest a little bit at home after taking my friend and her daughter home but then it was back up and going to take Brielle to one of her orchestra events. (Katherine was at Pokemon League)
I went over then to Hancock Fabric I was on a hunt for an adjustable temp mini iron and I struck out but I did find sewing boxes on clearance and I had been wanting to get the kids their own sewing boxes so I got them each one, each a set of pinking shears and this cute little lipstick case one for each of them and one for me for about $28 and if you've ever looked at the cost of sewing boxes alone you know that's freaking awesome! I used a gift card I had from my birthday and paid a lot less out of pocket so I was happy! 
Bitch 'N Stitch was Saturday evening too so I went out to that and got there thankfully before the storms hit. We were very lucky that in our town it was more just a big bark and no bite to the storm but other towns weren't as lucky. So there we are doing our crafts (mine was sewing) and listening to the building rumble it was quite humorous really. I was able to get two pillowcases sewn together though. I had them cut out but that was it when I got there I even had to re-iron them. I was quite proud of myself.
After SnB I went over to Starbucks (the storm had blown through at that point) and had coffee with friends until the shop was closing up. It was a lot of laughs and I was happy to see all the ladies and really have a day out/evening out.

Sunday I wasn't feeling too well my neck was out so I ended up tossing out all my plans other than grocery shopping for that day which I did so late in the afternoon Peter started calling me asking me what he was suppose to do for sides for dinner we were kind of just throwing things together we had around the house. I didn't even realize it was near 6 I had spent most the day resting because I was in a lot of pain. It all worked out though and was for the most part a good day.
Katherine had a friend spend the night Saturday night so they were still playing all Sunday.

Oh there was other running about and stuff past week but my mind is quickly trying to forget last week as I move into this week.
Hope everyone has a great week!!

And I need to come up with an idea for another project to post up on here. I haven't been taking on very many projects lately of any sort so if you have anything I've done in the past or anything you'd like to see me try give me some ideas I might be able to fit it in on the rare weeks like this one where I'm not constantly running around.

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