Monday, September 21, 2015

Busy Monday, September 21

To Do List
  • Write this Blog
  • Lunch with Peter
  • Grocery List
  • Go get groceries
  • Clean up around the house - dishes, laundry, shampoo the hallway, etc. (I could rant on the etc but I'll bite my tongue)
  • Drop books off at the Library
  • Drop package off at UPS
  • Work on Sewing
  • Stop by friend's house to take care of cat (evening)
  • Monday - Whatever strikes my fancy at the grocery store? Right now it looks like pork by the sales ad but we had mashed potatoes last night and the night before that we had baked potatoes so I'd like to stay away from potatoes but we'll have to see... isn't that a horrible way to plan LOL
  • Tuesday - Royal Round Steak
  • Wednesday - Spaghetti
  • Thursday - 4-H Tailgate (Burgers)
  • Saturday- Quick Fix? 
  • Sunday - Eat Out

This Week's 'To-Do' List

  • Tuesday 
    • Work
    • Parent-Teacher Conference for Brie
    • Stop by friend's house to take care of cat (morning & evening)
  • Wednesday
    • Work
    • Stop by friend's house to take care of cat (morning & evening)
  • Thursday
    • Work
    • Brie Doc Appt
    • Brie Orthodontist Appt
    • 4-H Tailgate Party
    • Stop by friend's house to take care of cat (morning & evening)
  • Friday
    • Take Brielle to school for Field Trip (5:30am)
    • Work
    • Pick up Brie
    • Brie - Sadie Hawkins
    • Stop by friend's house to take care of cat (morning & evening)
  • Saturday
    • Stop by friend's house to take care of cat (morning)
    • Pokemon League
    • Mt:G Pre-Release
  • Sunday 
    • Stitch N' B*
    • Mt:G Pre-Release

Last Week

Yup so I was bad didn't post last week. I really need to get back onto a schedule with posting but I feel so pulled in many different directions and family life always will chump my blog. 

So little bit of catch up. This should be a short post because not a lot to say about last week.

The 12th was our city's airshow so we went down to the riverfront and had a picnic and watched the planes.
My camera died part way through it though.
Katherine found a butterfly (actually a moth I believe) that liked her it landed on her and just stuck there.  

I took my van to the shop last Monday which is one reason I wasn't able to post because I was playing the car shuffle with my husband. My mechanic told me it was not worth fixing the van because there somehow got gunk in my brand new A/C system and I have an oil leak along one of my seals but not a severe one. So instead of sinking more money into my van which is showing her age more and more we are looking for a new-to-us van which is harder than it sounds because if I'm going to go back to having car payments then I want a step up not a step across. 

Monday was also my oldest daughter's 15th birthday. She's getting so old!We had STEM Club on Wednesday and the girls made bouncy balls. 

Saturday Brielle had her birthday party down at the YMCA though I totally forgot picture because it was a swim party so we just all had fun down there. It was actually pretty nice they decorated and provided tableware and took care of the clean up and it wasn't horribly priced.

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