Friday, September 11, 2015

Katherine's Birthday and other fun

Hey folks been awhile. I've been just busy with life lately so while it comes to mind to make a post I just haven't due to working or running around for all sorts of appointments. I've also had a lot of problems trying to get my camera to upload properly since updating from Windows 10.

So I'm going to make a couple different post catching up a little bit from the past month.
This first one was Katherine's Birthday.

Yup my little girl is 11!! (Brielle's birthday is next week! OMG 15!)

This here is 4-H STEM Club it was the first of the year and happen to fall directly on Katherine's birthday which she loved. We had our local (when I say local it's from 40 miles away and in the next state we don't have a tv station in town) weather man come out and talk about his work and discuss the weather and why weather happens.

Katherine had her party at Ozone Laser Tag this year it's the first year she asked to have it some place other than the park. 

We had one hot day (okay more than one I'm glad to be getting out of it and into the fall weather!) and I promised the girls I would take them to the Y to go swimming but when we got there even though the app said everything was open instead the pool was down for annual cleaning! So while they played pingpong I got a hold of one of my friends to see if we could steal her daughter and then we made our way out to one of the spray parks. The kids had a lot of fun and there was another group there that was making water balloons and let the girls get in on the fun.

Balloons over the garden normally happens earlier in the year while the girls are gone for the summer but this year it was rescheduled due to the weather so the girls were able to go and we paid for them to go up in a tethered ride. I would have loved for us go on a long balloon ride but it costs $200 PER PERSON! But the girls really enjoyed the tethered ride.

What happens when your dryer breaks? You have clothing strung up everywhere. We did eventually fix the dryer and thankfully it didn't require any new parts just we had a lint blockage in the line so it was annoying... we did tear a hole in my floor moving the dryer that was bad but things are together.

I'll make a separate post covering Labor Day weekend.

Miss you all and hope my life finds some balance soon it seems like I'm riding a pogo ball and I'm only trying to stand in place!


  1. Glad to read a bit of an update. I certainly understand about being busy! I was excited to have today off and get back to a "regular" subbing schedule at school and the new person pulled a no show so I'm back to having an accidental full-time schedule for another week. Love the pictures! What is on the it a Pokémon? I'm sure my boys would know... Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. It's actually fanart of what a baby ender dragon would look like. That birthday party was a lot more stress than I mentioned she wanted minecraft yet no one had any decorations or cakes and I didn't have time to put things together myself. I did end up finding some cups and plates and napkins in the walmart discount that kind of resembled redstone, bedrock and water and then she decided she wanted that photo printed on a cake so it came together.