Friday, September 11, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

Our Labor Day Weekend was spent in St. Louis it was a pretty last minute decision so we didn't get anyone to watch the pets and only stayed one night just loaded the pets up with food and water and it was all good. 

This was about as close as we got to the arch on this particular trip. 

Our goal on this trip was we were going to the Science Center which is a wonderful place and through Drury we got tickets for the Omnimax and for the special exhibit. It was the only thing we really had in mind so early in the morning we set out on our adventure, stopped by the hotel in the morning for our event ticket voucher and then went onto the museum. 

For those curious the St. Louis Science Center is free to enter the only things that cost money are of course food, souvenirs, Omnimax and whatever the special exhibit is.The planetarium is also connected and is free to walk around in if I remember correctly (we didn't go this time) but of course the star shows do cost. 

 Lots of nifty things at the special exhibit. It was Robots and Aliens. It talked about TV aliens and Robots but also about real life things and special organisms we have here on our own planet which makes us believe they could survive in other environments.

 The girls learning about the Mars Rover.

 Mind Ball.

I do have to say I was pretty stoked when I won against Peter!

The girls have been through many of the parts of the science center before but every time they come to understand a little bit more about different events and forces in the world and how we build and create.

If you take the time you can always learn something new or comprehend it a little better by revisiting it. 

On day 2 before we headed back to our home we decided to go to the St. Louis Zoo. Again it is free to enter unless you want to ride the train or items like that but to just walk in and walk around it is free and it is a wonderful zoo!
It was super hot that Sunday so we were happy to leave but we were happy to have gone too and really enjoyed our time there. 

That was our weekend trip.
I hope everyone had a wonderful day on Labor Day! 

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