Thursday, September 15, 2011

I got a fist full of hair

I'm literally pulling my hair out this week finding clumps of it in the shower and just all over my hand after I put shampoo in... I'm THAT stressed!
So we found out earlier this week that my in-laws were coming in town but we didn't know Wednesday or Thursday. Well Tuesday night they say it'll be Thursday, and then they call back and it will be Wednesday and then maybe Thursday... okay finally Wednesday. We finally know which when we get the phone call Wednesday morning. Which was a hassle to try and organize things with Brielle's friend who was coming to dinner with us for Brielle's traditional Birthday dinner. We went out to Chinese.

Brielle was suppose to have cooking club so I was suppose to pick her up at school at 4:30 but it turns out she didn't get registered soon enough so she couldn't go this month so she gave me a phone call while she was on the bus... okay so change of plans as I was leaving work I went home and got Brielle started on her homework then went ahead and left her there she's 11 now so I felt more comfortable and I knew it would be only about an hour. I'm trying not to mother hen quite as much. So I get Katherine from school then we drive across town to Walmart because I like their cakes better than Kroger and stand around and stand around until we catch a lady she can't find the bakery person so this produce lady took my order. I get a phone call at 9 o'clock that night saying that they do not have the horse kit that Brielle wanted and the lady was pretty rude with me saying 'Well I was on my lunch' in a very snotty tone. I wasn't mad she wasn't there I was annoyed that they didn't have the kit and told me that no one had ordered one or had plans to order it. Okay so I told her to cancel the order I'll go somewhere else. So that is what I have to do today before work is find Brielle a horse cake.

Pete's over stressed about work because they have thrown him and his team under the bus. My work is just being annoying. Oy Vey!

In any case so the Grandparents want the kids Friday night so I guess the plan is going to be Friday night driving about 40 min. out to the Grandparents' house then Saturday getting the kids back to load them up and go get Brielle's friend to go out to the Botanical Garden for the Scarecrow Festival and then that evening having the sleep over for Brielle. Peter is probably going to be working Saturday too. Sometime Sunday Brielle's friends will go home and then we can try to put the house back into place. Monday I have to go meet the ladies for lunch it's my turn to pay for one of the birthday girls over at Red Lobster at 11:30 and then at 3pm I have a dental cleaning and then I need to try and pick Katherine up before 5:30 so I hope everything goes smoothly. If it wasn't for the fact I already have started to defrost the chicken I would make crock pot chicken Monday instead of this week.

That's where this week is at... I needed to get it off my chest and just praying for the strength to get through it all and still find the time to take care of the house and not lose patience with anyone.

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