Friday, September 16, 2011

Weeeeeeee! & Adventures in Cleaning

Interesting title right? Well I'm on a bit of an emotional roller coaster as things stand right now. I've been getting very little sleep and I have so much work to do that none of it is getting done! Doesn't sound like it's making sense? Well basically I'm so stressed out I don't know where to start so I chase my tail and then get mad at myself when I see no progress made. I'm sure I'm not the first nor the last person to experience this so just have to push through.

Next Few Days Schedule:

  • I have to go searching for a toy horse to put on a cake for my daughter's 11th birthday party. I have been all over and calling every place in town and no one has a horse cake so I've got to try and put together one myself. I will also probably see if Walmart can have a cake done by Saturday afternoon because she really wanted a marble cake and I canceled my order when they told me they did not have the horse packet in.
  • Brielle needs new shoes she's been wearing sandals with socks and before I just thought she was being stubborn about not wearing her shoes but with it turning cold and her still doing it that means there is a shoe run to be made because she really must have out grown her shoes in just the last couple months... growing like a weed.
  • Need to find where Brielle lost her tooth so the tooth faerie can do her job.
  • Katherine and I need haircuts.
  • Need to find out if the kids are going to the Grandparent's house tonight.
  • Cleaning house: kitchen floor, vacuum house, make beds, clean playroom, clean all flat surfaces in living room & kitchen, clean bathroom, scrub tub, fold laundry
  • I need to take Katherine out to pick up her sister's present.
  • Go to the bank.
(Peter will be working)
  • (if kids are at Grandparent's house) Get kids.
  • Pick up Brielle's best friend Leslie.
  • Take all the kids to the Scarecrow Festival (probably eat lunch there to make life simple)
  • Pick up cake.
  • Go home and get the house decorated for the party.
  • By 5 o'clock people should be arriving by 7 o'clock everyone should be here so should have the pizza here by that time and will have a house full of girls watching movies and doing girl stuff while eating pizza, cake and cookies! Sugar high time!
  • Wait for all of Brielle's friends to go home then hopefully have time to clean up the house and rest.
  • Search for coupons & match deals.
  • Make the next week Menu
  • Cheesy Chicken Pasta for Dinner - has to be prepped and in crock pot by 10am.
  • Groceries
  • Sam's Club
  • Divide, weigh, package and freeze about 30 lbs of meat.
  • 11:30 Red Lobster to meet the girls from work.
  • 3pm Dental Cleaning
  • Pick up Katherine
  • Make dinner
  • Normal nightly chores.
Adventures in Cleaning
As promised my little over view with my recent experiments with cleaning. As some may know I got my steam cleaner from and it was advertised as a hard surface steam cleaner though I had hoped it'd work on fabric. Well it does work on fabric but not very well so you won't see me steam cleaning a lot of things around the home like that and it didn't do so grand on the grease on the plastic fake tile behind my kitchen counters but! it cleaned the microwave like a charm I had never been so happy I am now so willing to keep it clean because it's just steam and wipe. Also, I ended up using WD-40 on the grease I was talking about but I steamed it afterwards to help me wipe it back off to get rid of that horrible smell. The steam cleaner also did well on removing the built up dust, dirt and grease from my stove; the plastic and the metal areas and let me get in between all those little areas that I used to spray kitchen cleaner into and then use a toothpick. Over all I'd say a little hand steam cleaner is a must have in a house hold to help get away from heavy chemical cleaners and make some jobs easy as can be.

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