Monday, August 15, 2016

Busy Monday, August 15

No normal Monday post. This Monday got very messed up as I went slip and sliding through Kroger on Sunday and landed pretty hard. I've been dealing with insurance companies and with Kroger just trying to write this off with a $25 gift card which I guess I should have taken because it looks like it's going to be cheaper and less hassle to just use the accidental personal insurance I have. I also spent the day at the chiropractor because I didn't think it was anything too major but I was out of alignment to be sure. We did x-rays and adjustments and the electric shock thingy where they buzz you to get deep tissue to relax. I do feel better after all that not 100% I'm still a bit sore and banged up but it's nothing too horrific though did find on my x-rays I have gallstones again pretty good sized ones too so I have to start working on that going to try just herbal supplements before going to the olive oil and Epson salt route which is horrible but works. I can't let it go too far though otherwise I'll end up in the hospital.  Funny thing is my gallbladder didn't start bugging me until all this so either something has moved or irritated it to where the stones are now in an arrangement to give me little uncomfortable cramps now and again.

Anyways, that was my Monday. Sorry for no normal post but it has been a heck of a day.


  1. Oh no! Hope you are 100% better very soon. Hope you will be able to take it easy and rest a bit this week.

    1. Thanks. I'm mostly better knee is still pretty banged up. Now it's fighting with Kroger as it was very clearly their fault but they have to see if they can pull video and such. You would think it would be such a simple issue if people took responsibility but the world is never so simple.