Monday, August 8, 2016

Busy Monday, August 8

Today's 'To-Do' List
  • Menu
  • Grocery List
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Kids Hair Cuts
  • B-12 Shot @ Hospital (monthly)
  • Lunch with Peter?
  • Clean house
  • Work on quilt 
    • This one and the one above are a hopeful situation my back is very hurt at the moment. 
  • I'm really not sure on this but we have a ton of hamburger and hot dog buns left over so we are basing our meals off of that. We also have left over veggie tray, fruits and chips so that will be our sides. Kids left in such a manner that I didn't have time to grab a bag of chips or bag up some fruit to send home with them. It really was an amazing spread and if you went hungry it was your own fault. 
  • Grilled Pork Sandwiches
  • Grilled Chicken Sandwiches
  • OnCor Rib Patties
  • Breakfast for Dinner (we had left overs Sunday so this meal was held over)
  • Pizza
  • Cookout
  • Chicken and Rice
This Week's 'To-Do' List
  • Pack bags for school
  • Wednesday is First Day of School
  • Work on quilt
  • Saturday - BBQ Potluck/Babyshower
  • Thursday - Appt for Brielle? Haven't gotten a confirmation yet. We missed last weeks so we are trying to reschedule.

Last Week

During the week we were doing a ton of yard clean up and tried to hit the house a little but the big thing was the yards for Saturday's Back To School Bash aka Potluck BBQ. We wanted the kids to be out doors but even though we were sprayed for mosquitoes people still got ate up along with biting flies. I felt really embarrassed about that because we really were trying. The evening once the sun went down wasn't as bad. We put on a couple outdoor movies with the projector and I think for the most part everyone had a great time. 

The girls got registered for school and I paid the school fees. Yes, we have fees for just registering at our public schools. The Middle School was $35 and the High School was $220. Did I mention you don't know what the fees are going to be until you show up? Needless to say I was pretty stressed out with the High School fees. 

Brielle is in Engineering Courses again so it will be an additional $416 plus driver's ed which is required by state will be $25 this school year. But she is in that and has her Orchestra but she had to drop Spanish which she was sad about. Oh and math she is in Pre-Cal I don't think I can help her out too much at this point. 

Katherine got both Band and Chorus all year long so we are going to be very busy with that and pretty normal classes though Math she will be in pre-algebra which is pretty good for a 7th grader in my opinion. 

I'm hoping for a good year. 


  1. Whoa, those fees are insane! All we have here is optional expenses (I always go ahead though) for PE clothes and yearbooks at the middle school level and then, we do have an activity fee for High School since my oldest does marching band (oh, and band fees..those are a bit more and separate, we'll pay all those this weekend at a marching band preview show)plus the yearbook expense. Our schools don't do driver's ed any more except as an optional fee and summer school course. I'm sure your girls will have a great year! Hope your back feels better and you have a great week. (PS..on your menu, reading your leftovers...I immediately thought spaghetti with toasted buns :) )

    1. We actually were able to get rid of most of the buns other than hot dog buns so far. We had 60 hamburger buns and cooked 40 burgers and had 24 hot dog buns and cooked 24 hot dogs but a lot of folks opted not to use buns. Getting through them slowly but surely but we went to the day old bread store at the bakery so all that bread only cost us about $6 so won't be the end of the world if we lose a few.
      Yeah I'm not looking forward to Marching Band fees once my youngest gets into HS. Never have bought year books I figure they can get their senior years.
      Thanks on the well wishes. I ended up at the doctors after work Tuesday, missed Wed. of work on muscle relaxers so have done nothing but sleep opting not to take them today so I can get to work and do something other than sleep.