Monday, January 30, 2017

Busy Monday, January 30

Today's 'To-Do' List
  • Drive Brielle to school
  • Make Menu
  • Write Blog
  • B-12 Shot @ 2
  • Brielle has an Orthodontist appt at 3:30 so I'll have to pick her up at school
What about Class? Well class was canceled for this evening so it's opened my evening up a little. I may go to the gym with my husband instead.
  • Grilled Chicken, Pasta & Peas (maybe cook up the brussel sprouts that need to be used to)
  • Beef Enchiladas
  • Spaghetti w/Italian Sausage and Salad
  • Pulled Pork & Chips
  • Pizza
  • Turkey Pot Pie
  • Banquet Rib Sandwiches & Chips
This Week's 'To-Do' List
  • Tuesday
    • Drive Katherine into School for a test retake
  • Wednesday
    • Free?
  • Thursday
    • Orchestra
  • Friday
    • Peter has FnM
    • Katherine has Pokemon
  • Saturday & Sunday
    • Free?
This a crazy free schedule I must be forgetting stuff! Or maybe life is finally calming down!! Which is a good thing because work has not calmed down.

Last Week

Work was horrible last week and I figure it will stay that way. Peter's been having to work from home in the evenings including odd times like 2am and had to go into work this past weekend too. The joys of being salary. 

Last week was a bit of a blur because of work being so bad for myself and for Peter. Orchestra was canceled on Thursday so I went to the Quarter Store with a friend and then Peter and I went to the gym.

I've been reading more on the book and enjoying every moment of it! As long as you can get past the profanity it is a wonderful book! I cannot recommend it enough. 

Brielle pulled a last minute project on us over the weekend.... yeah that was a lot of fun to deal with... NOT.
I played with my embroidery machine some more and cashed in my Ibotta for the first time since I started it 3 or so years ago and used the money to buy some more patterns. 
Oh Peter was checking out the size of my chair to see if it would fit in his desk space for when he was ordering himself a chair and the hydraulic cylinder went and put black stuff all over the carpet that will not come up!
For the most part though a pretty uneventful week as far as I remember. I'd have to scroll through facebook to make sure and truly I just want to get started on the rest of my day and try and take it easy and get a bit of cleaning done. Perhaps catch up on the folding from the leaning tower of clean clothes baskets. 

Hope everyone has a great week. And hopefully this weather will make up it's mind because everyone I know out here is getting sick because it keeps changing on us from 60 degrees one day to low 30's the next. 

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