Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Busy Monday, November 11 - Late Edition

Today's Yesterday's 'To-Do' List
  • Get kids to bus 6:40 & 7:15
  • Make Menu
  • Go to work
  • Lunch with Peter
  • Go back to work
  • B-12 Shot
  • Lunch with Peter
  • Get groceries
  • Pick up kids

  • Left Overs
  • Breakfast for Dinner
  • Spaghetti with Chicken
  • Hamburger Helper
  • Pizza
  • ?
  • ?
Yeah I never quite finished the menu but I did buy some chicken so we'll have some sort of chicken dish for one of those days and then I'm sure I have enough food around to put something else together for the other day. 

This Week's 'To-Do' List

  • Work -Mon, Wed-Fri
  •  Clean up around the house - This is a permanent main stay. 
  • Tuesday - Take Blacky to the Vet
  • *does a little dance* I'm off of work today even though I'm not a Veteran. My husband raised his hand and doesn't get today off but I do because my work has it as a paid holiday.  
  • Wednesday - I have to remember to pack up Katherine's Lunch. She decided she wanted two lunchables... Not exactly what I had in mind but she doesn't take a lunch often so okay I'll splurge. Oh and she wants to take applesauce. This Wednesday at school is salad bar day and the only option is salad bar apparently so Katherine opted not to eat that day and I really can not have that! So one day a month she can pick out something to take for lunch. 
  • Friday I was suppose to have my annual exam but my doctor decided to be out that day so they rescheduled me for February I was not pleased about that and they assured me all my prescriptions that are now out of refills would be taken care of by the pharmacy to get refills okayed and I'm completely confused by that! 
And amazingly that's it! It's an extremely slow week! Horray! 

Last Week

So Monday (11/10) I was also suppose to take Blacky to the vet but I forgot to take away his food Sunday night so I wasn't able to take him in because I have to restrict his food because they have to knock him out for them to be able to clean the plaque on this teeth... what teeth the poor boy has left. He just celebrated his 70th Birthday (10 years in human years) so the poor boy has been looking at me all day just so sad wondering why there is no food. 
This included me picking up a friend of mine and her infant and we went and checked out Aldi's and then we had to go to Krogers. I have mixed feelings about Aldi's it's not the end all be all folks had made it out to be to be the saving grace to my grocery budget. They do have a few good things but given where they are in town most of the time it won't be worth the drive. 
Basically I left the house around 8:30am and I came home at 7pm. It was a long day yesterday. 

Now really onto last week let's see here let's start with Tuesday?

I went to work and then I went by and met up with a lady to buy some 'used' hexbug stuff because Katherine really wants to get into hexbugs. Katherine has even said we can get rid of her zuzu pet stuff which is awesome because that's a humongous tote!  

After that, Tuesday was the day to get out the vote! Sadly a lot of folks I voted for didn't get in but many did also. We had a very large ballot for our area that included not only the highly covered state race but also a lot of local positions. 
No matter if you are a Democrat, Republican or a 3rd party it really is your duty to vote! 
A lot of  people died so we could separate and have the right to vote. 
The folks to have the longest battle for the right to vote is Women so especially us women need to not make the sacrifices of those that came before us be in vain. 

So many people across the world are still fighting and dying for this right and in some countries just the act of going out to vote may lead to you being killed and people still go out and stand in insane lines! We shrug our shoulders and then we wonder why our governing bodies, local and federal, are so messed up and not representative of the people. It may  be because our voting turnout in areas especially in cities doesn't seem to want to exceed 50%! That's disgraceful! Make yourself an informed voter, many debates even local ones you can find recordings of (which is what I did I don't have cable TV and I didn't have time to show up to debates so I found where they were being shared). 
Anyways off my soap box there. 

Wednesday, I grieved over the election stuff. I think we all need a moment to shake our fist and go, "What the heck are you guys thinking!" It seems like my area likes to vote for the same folks over and over and over even when it doesn't work. 
I didn't have a lot of time to grieve though because it was a busy day so I had to throw stuff in the crockpot. This was the last meal from the crock pot cuisine that we hadn't tried and it was suppose to be beef lasagna. I had my misgivings about portions sizes since this is suppose to be 5 adult servings but while it cooks it does double in size. The problem with doubling in size is it because completely burnt! We salvaged what we could and I went out and bought bread to go with it to supplement dinner. It also was tasteless as it literally had NO taste. I've never ate something I could completely say was empty calories until then. At least sweets taste good this was nothing but gritty nothingness in your mouth it was absolutely strange. I wanted to love this but the whole family agrees that a LOT of doctoring would be required to fix it. 

So Wednesday after work I went and got some groceries needed and then I went and returned my books to the library and paid my 20 cent overdue fee. 
I then rushed home to get Brielle and then I drove her out to the High School for basically what boiled down to a student led conference about her engineering courses. For Brielle to continue in Orchestra like she is wanting while taking engineering and while completing her course requirements for High School it means she is going to have to take some online classes probably over the summer so we are trying to find out information about that and start the ball rolling. I also need to get Brielle signed up to take the ACT which apparently takes 6-8 weeks before she'll be registered and can take it. Apparently they want a base line for her. In any case if she stays on track like she is she's looking at walking out of High School with her first full year of college done. I may pull out all my hair by then but she's on the fast track to doing well out in the world.
After the presentation we ran and got Katherine and then needless to say it was dinner time... time for our burnt, tasteless Lasagna... I still can't get over that.

Thursday was... Well it was Thursday! If you missed it I made a whole post dedicated to the crazy schedule. "Thursday Madness"

Thursday included a lot of running and showed the true power of having a partner in crime... aka My Dear Husband.
I had thrown Chicken Tacos in the crockpot but due to the very burnt nature of the previous nights dinner I added water when I really shouldn't have so we had very drippy, wet soft tacos.

Friday, Peter (my dear husband) was off of work just because he felt like it and went about and did stuff. I on the other hand was at work but after work we gathered up the kids and I dragged everyone out to Best Buy and we picked out a present for my husband since his birthday was coming up Sunday. We got him some video game stuff so he stayed home from Friday Night Magic and played with that. We did go out to eat that night with some friends which wasn't planned but it worked out well and while his friends were hurrying to eat so they could get to playing cards since Peter decided he was staying home it meant we were all able to enjoy our meal.

Saturday was pretty much a goof off day. We were suppose to take Blacky to the groomer and I totally dropped the ball and forgot because we had company over and Peter and the girls helped me work on cleaning the house.
Peter had a magic game that night so he went off to do that in the evening and then I kicked the kids into high gear because all those apples we picked were about to go bad! Infact we had to cut away some bad areas on some! That's okay just cut away the bad and the rest is fine. Apples are awesome in that.
The girls made another apple pie and then we made lots of apple sauce! I do plan to make a post (maybe today) about how to make applesauce at least our way which is we don't add anything to it! It is just pure apples and with just a dash of cinnamon/sugar Katherine loves it. I'm not a fan of applesauce though I am trying. I do want to make some apple butter with it though which is another reason we didn't sweeten it.
After all the applesauce we had the apple juice left so I made up some hot apple cider for the girls. It wasn't quite right though. The thing about apple juice like that is that it is so concentrated that you really do need to water it down and I didn't think about that but the girls were still happy to have the treat.
**Additional: I forgot I also made roasted pumpkin seeds that night. Yes I just got to it. I had them dried but I hadn't roasted them yet. That is another post I want to make because my original is so mixed into a general post.

Sunday we had lots of people over for Peter's birthday! Him and another friend of ours share a birthday so we kind of did a combined thing. The guys all sat around and played video games for the most part and us ladies stepped back and chit chatted. I went out and bought a bunch of pizzas and we just had a good ol' time.

That was pretty much last week. I felt like I was running.. running... running... and on my personal Facebook page I'm sure my friends were abit tired of hearing me whine about being ready to just drop and stop. I'm too stubborn to stop though.

Well I suppose I better get up from this seat before my rear becomes permanently affixed to it. I actually did get up once because I had to have Blacky down to the vet before 8. I still can't believe how much it is going to cost but part of the cost is having his blood work done because he's 10 years old in human years! He's mostly blind and has teeth missing upfront already... Poor old dog so I figured making sure all his blood work was done so there are zero accidents while putting him under would be a very good thing.

Have a great week folks!

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