Friday, November 7, 2014

Thursday Madness

Another post from me? Wow this must be a record and it's not even Monday!

I was sitting here this morning thinking about it while sipping my coffee that Thursday was so insane that I didn't want it to dominate my Monday post and also I felt the need to gush over my kids since they are such awesome kids.

So really this is just a proud mom tooting her horn.

We're start with the cut and dry schedule of events Thursday:

  • 6-7:10 - Get kids up, ready and out the door for school
  • 7:10-8:30 - Get myself ready for work, start Crockpot for Chicken Tacos
  • 9am-2pm - Work
    • 11:30-12:30 Lunch with ladies from work - I worked over time Wednesday to have time for this.
  • Stop at Dollar Store for new umbrellas because ours went missing and for candy to donate to the school.
  • 3pm Katherine gets off the bus
  • From 3pm-3:45pm
    • Have Katherine have a snack (homemade applesauce)
    • Try and do Katherine's hair up
    • Use baby powder & hair spray to try and make her hair look white
    • Throw together parts of the costume we hadn't finished ... so it ended up she wore one of my skirts and we just belted it on her. 
  • 3:45 Arrive at the school. The actual arrival time wasn't until 4:15 but Katherine informed me people were showing up early so I wanted to make sure that if we missed anything I'd have time to go back and take care of it. 
    • From there found out they were low on lanterns so left Katherine and went back home and got a lantern and drove it back to the school.
  • 4:30 - 5 Rest and dink around on Facebook
  • 5pm Serve dinner
  • 5:45p Peter and Brielle leave
  • 5:45-6:30 Dink around on Facebook and make Blog posting on the Chicken Tacos
  • 6:30 Go to Katherine's school and pay to walk around and listen to the different kids give their speeches. 
  • 7pm Katherine's event ends and I help her clean up her spot and then we rush to the van and drive out to the High School
  • ?-8pm We are at Brielle's Concert at the High School. 
  • A little past 8 we are home and then it is just getting kids through showers, teeth and into bed. It was about 9 o'clock by time we got them to bed (9:30 for Brielle) so it was a late night for us.

    I was so high strung from work yesterday because I had a lot of stress and a lot of things land in my lap that I didn't get to bed until 12am!! And then back up at 6 today. 
So there is the cut and dry of yesterday. There a few places that I could have been away from the PC but I had to decompress and let my mind turn to mush with Bubble Witch Saga.

Now onto the fun stuff! 

You've seen me post this picture earlier but here is the jacket that I started with from Goodwill. I did this... Last week. My $4 blazer with my $3 of lace. 

And here is Katherine as Elizabeth Cady Stanton.
She had everyone in stitches. While most of the kid gave just a very informational speech Katherine took it a different direction and dove into the personality of her character and brought up obscure little things.

"In my day men were spoiled brats."

"An' that Abraham Lincoln (points to the kid playing Abraham Lincoln down the hall) wasn't much help. He freed the slaves but he didn't free the women!"

 Brielle has really enjoyed her violin and I have really loved watching her over the years.

Well I've done the whole brag on my kids thing so I guess it's time for me to run off to get ready for work since everyone else is already out the door (Other than Peter since he took the day off he's still in bed). 

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