Friday, August 5, 2011

Fiasco @ YMCA

I really didn't want my first blog posting to be like this I had hoped to give an intro to myself and my life but this is one of those stressful times I need to vent it all out before I get too upset... oh wait, too late.

Since the beginning of June my daughters, Brielle and Katherine, have been going to YMCA Summercamp. When I first signed them up I was told it was going to be $65 per week which I thought was cheep but after a $90 sign up fee and my $56 membership fee I was ready to over look how cheep that actually was. We've been doing summercamp for years now but I can't ever remember what I am charged. Well I find out today after asking how much I owed after the children being gone for the month of July and I was told $125 for this week by a girl in her early 20's maybe with a snappy tone. Now I remembered $65 so after being clearly shocked I went to my car and checked my carbon copies and sure enough I had been paying $65. I sit in the parking lot a little while and continously call the Y's main office and the start driving down the road still calling and THEN get to work and still continue to call. I'm told the director should be calling me and I wait by my phone for over 20 min. before calling back, by this time hopping mad. The forward me to the director and sure enough I was suppose to be paying $125 but he didn't understand why no one corrected this problem at the beginning and thankfully said because it was not corrected earlier that we did not have to pay the back fees and that we could pay $65 this week but Peter and I have decided to pay the full $125 as we have no problem with paying when corrected in a timely manner, just don't expect to spring on us a few hundred dollars of bills at the end.

So we survived thankfully but now I need to get my blood pressure to drop and try and focus some at work. Thankfully today is not proving to be exceptionally hard.

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