Monday, August 8, 2011

School Supply Stress

As school is about to start on Wednesday there are all kinds of stresses involved trying to get out of the Summer laziness. As if going to the school picnics and introduction meetings was not bad enough there is also trying to get school supplies together and filling out all the paperwork required.

Today I was off of work and made it my goal to get the paperwork for the schools filled out, backpacks packed with the supplies and getting the kids ready for Wednesday but to much my dismay I found out in Middle School each teacher has their own supply list and requirements and that the supply list supplied before the school's 'jumpstart' meeting (for parents and students to find out what classes the student was going to attend) was way off the mark. I ended up going through past year school supplies and finding as many pencil pouches as I could to set up all the individual binders with basic supplies and I'm still short some supplies because it was not down on the general list provided to places like Wal-Mart. So, todays plan is to go down and pick up those odds and ends that we did not have and I must decide if I will take back the extra folders and spiral notebooks that were not needed or if I should keep them around so that if they are needed through the course of the year that we will already have them here at the house.

Do you think I have enough stress yet? Well apparently the fates have not so ontop of today's busy schedule of trying to get the kids to clean their rooms, doing paperwork for the schools, doing the homework the teacher gave me of writing about my student and packing backpacks I also get to go to Lowes and buy insulation and duct tape for when one of our skinny friends comes by to do some work for us under the house this afternoon.

All this I must get accomplished before 4 o'clock so I can come home and try and make a healthy meal for the Family's dinner. I've been updating my Facebook about where I'm at in my day not so much for other people but so I can look back and see that I have gotten somewhere in my day even if I haven't gotten to where I wanted to be like having a clean house.

I've been trying to also keep up with updating my budget group on Facebook, checking for freebies & valuable coupons, and keeping up with surveys so I can earn rewards to places like

Yes, I'm off work but right now I'm thinking being at work would be a lot easier as I'm already getting very tired of this day.

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