Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tired: Was that a mack truck or did you need something?

Well kids got off to school without a hitch it wasn't til after Peter left for work that things started to become stressful. I watered a few plants that the rain had not reached and then went inside and after a bit of himming and hawing I talked myself into pulling out the wii fit. First, I did not realize a near dead batter pack (I had to plug it in to play) would mess up the calibration and then I put it on some step aerobics knowing I was short on time but not exactly remembering why. Netflix gave me a huge fit and so while trying to do my steps I was fighting with that. I eventually got through one show and wrapped up my workout and went to warm up some broccoli cheese soup which I nearly burnt. Sitting down at my computer I thought I could watch one more show while eating before getting ready for work and then I looked at the time and it was 9:40 and I suddenly realized why I felt rushed... I had a meeting at 10 o'clock at work! So rushing I packed up my lunch, sprayed on some dry shampoo and ran out the door. I pulled into the parking lot at 10 and then nearly ran to my office. I found out though the meeting was delayed but it still took 15 minutes for my heart to quit racing. I hurried up into the plant and finished field checking the tanks we were suppose to have a meeting on and then rushed back to my office to fix the drawing which at that point my supervisor came in and said meet him in 5 min. up in the plant. It has been awhile since I had to work so quickly and the it was probably a good 15 min. before he got up there. It was a rough day at work to say the least. I got home from work at about 3:45 and waited for Brielle to get home. I had Brielle finish her homework and then asked her about school; come to find out the school did not put her in Orchestra so I had to call them up and leave a message with a lady in the front office.
Peter got home with Katherine about 5 o'clock at which point I was trying to make dinner. Peter didn't want the pork dried out so I needed to bread and fry it. I was so tired and had such a headache that I laid down at 7 but did not really sleep just kind of ignored everyone that tried to get me up. Back up at 9 because Peter wanted me on video games and now I know I should scrub out some dishes but it's much too late.
Tomorrow I'm going to Jo-Ann's Grand Opening here in town before work so it is shapping up to be another long day.

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