Monday, August 22, 2011

Sleep tight don't let the bedbugs bite....

I've never claimed to be the brightest person ever so until very recently when all the news broke about buildings becoming infested with these little bugs I really didn't know or perhaps not quite understand that bedbugs were real. I would have liked to stay naive personally but that can't always be the case.

Some friends of ours had a roommate who had brought bedbugs into the apartment and then said nothing and continued to sleep with them for months until the house was over run. My friends acted so casual about it while taking strong actions in their own home that I thought nothing of it until yesterday when another friend, I just had all her children over to my house, posted on Facebook that she had gotten bedbugs!

Well that news broke about 3 or 4 pm and Peter and I started doing our research and I started to freak out because our exterminator just sent us an add advertising for bedbug treatments and it was far from cheep and I've already been stressed about the budget. Starting at about 6pm the decision was made we are locking down our house from visitors and we started the cleaning process. This is going to be an on going ordeal especially since Peter and I could only get through the kids room and the living room really. I'm also washing everything which means my couch is full of washed stuff (thus why the living room was one of the first rooms to get cleaned) and my laundry room is piled high!

People who talk about bedbugs as though it is no more annoyance than lice really irritate me and sadly it may be half a year when everyone can prove they are bedbug free before I let anyone into my house again. I may be over reacting but if we are cleaning correctly then Peter and I should never know if it was an over reaction or not and you know what? I'm fine with that.

When Peter and I decided we did as much as we could last night and we needed to settle down so we could get some sleep (which for me meant about 12:30am before I fell asleep) I decided it would be a good time to take apart Katherine's cow touch lamp and find out why it doesn't work. Come to find out the touch sensor had burnt out on it so I ordered the new part and hopefully should get that in today getting out to Lowe's to pick it up will give me a nice break from cleaning.

Well it's just about that time to start getting the family out the door and me to my cleaning. This may be a 2 pots of coffee sort of day.

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