Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oh what a week!

So work has been hectic and my nerves have been frayed as has Peter's week and his weeks are scheduled to continue being stressful. Things kept going wrong Thursday and when I tried to give them a feeling of being a little bit more right by taking advantage of Redbox's free rental that day it just turned out to cause more stress as we were up til 10 o'clock! with Brielle trying to get her to do her math homework done. It's not that I over looked her math homework earlier in the evening but rather she said she had it done and I hadn't checked it yet and didn't realize how much of it was wrong. It was quite the fight to get her to do it correctly but eventually it did get done.
Friday I was so exhausted after the night before that I tried to pretty much hide in my office at work and even my Supervisor came in to say he was going to leave me alone that day after what had happened Thursday. Friday was okay though and led into today, Saturday, where I slept in very late and I'm glad that I did for the fact that I needed some good rest but it has meant I've had to rethink what I want to accomplish.
Right now I have the girls working on 'organizing' their playroom which means it'll be a huge mess but hopefully I won't have to go in there and be a drill sergeant for them to get things put away properly.
Pete's taking a rest playing video games and I'm not going to get onto him about that because of how his work has been for him and he got up with the kids this morning.
I'm thinking my first order of business is starting work on the sewing pile I keep putting it off and it needs to be done.

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