Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday is my Monday

As some might already know Tuesdays are my Mondays at work as I only work Tuesday-Friday most weeks. It was a typical Tuesday other than we had our school morning dry run! Alarms sounded at 6am as everyone (except my husband) got up and got dressed as if we were going to rush off to the bus. Things went so quickly and smoothly this morning I'm a little worried that has jinxed us for tomorrow.

Over all the day was less than productive as four cups of coffee this morning didn't motivate me to do more then go to the restroom a bunch.

Tonight we will have broccoli and spaghetti with meatballs, it's a very odd combination but we are trying to get food used and truth be told I forgot to use the broccoli last week. I'm still trying to search around for u-picks in the area because I'd like to get some food frozen while it's still in season but it seems a lot of farmers start their own booths in town and it costs as much trying to go to their booth as it does going into the grocery store so hardly worth it.

I've been doing research on DIY items and projects around the house. I'd really like to get all my cleaning supplies in order to see what I have and also make up a list of items I'd like to make up and put into the freezer for quick meals later on. I'm still posting a lot on my Facebook page in reference to things I'm finding.

I find it funny when people look at me and hear the stories on how tight I am with money and then ask me if I can do it for them. I've been more then willing to try and give helpful tips and information and even sit down with people to help with budgets, menus and how to plan around sales and coupons though I've yet to have a person show up and take it seriously. Money is a hard thing for people to talk about and even harder for people to admit they aren't sure how to bring their family budgets back into control. I hope in the future I might be able to help people out more in tackling these hard things.

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