Friday, March 8, 2013

Adventures in Cleaning: DIY Stain Remover

It's Friday! Horray! Oh yes it is finally Friday again!
So I ended up working some extra time during the week which meant that I got off early today. I had no clue what to do with myself though so I wandered around the dollar store for half an hour and then the grocery store and picked up a couple odds and ends for cleaning.
On the 18th I am showing a friend of mine how to make laundry soap and in our discussions I learned that she likes to use Shout on stains. Now I don't really use stain removers very often so I thought to myself.... well surely there is a DIY for this and the truth is there are a LOT of them! You'd be amazed on how many laundry stain remover recipes there are out there!
I decided to bite the bullet and bought a new spray bottle and I was going to try one of them out though I didn't really have anything to test it on that moment other than my lamp shade that 7 years ago an oil incense burner decided to explode and spray.
Now my pictures aren't the best because my camera was running out of battery power so if I tried to turn on the flash it'd shut down automatically.

(I'd give credit to where I found this one but I completely forgot! So it is not my recipe.)
DIY: Laundry Stain Remover

  • 2/3 Cup Liquid Dishwashing Soap
  • 2/3 Cup Ammonia
  • 6 TBSP Baking Soda
  • 2 Cups Warm Water
Mix all the ingredients in a spray bottle. I suggest only adding 1 cup of water to start so that you can shake it up to mix before adding the second cup though I'm sure this will cause bubbling and therefore make it harder to add the second cup. I just found it hard to mix everything putting it all in at once.


So did it turn out perfect? No, but I did give it a near impossible task so I can't really blame it and it definitely did something to help. I just sprayed it on and used a sponge to spread it around  in case there was some odd effect so that it would have a more even coloration. This also gave me the excuses needed to fix the wires to where it connects to the lamp so the slightest bump or vibration didn't knock my lamp shade to the side (I still love my garage sale lamps after all). 

I also tried a toilet bowl cleaner that simply said to put 1/2 cup of borax into the toilet and wait 30 min to an hour. I was not impressed by the results of that so that means I'm back on my hunt. I'm sure it might have worked on a toilet that is kept up on but the girls have their own half bath (which was literally a closet converted and not by us it was how we bought the house) and I'm trying to get them to be more responsible about cleaning up after themselves because Mommy isn't going to be around forever to scrub everything for them. 

After all that I got my dishes caught up and then went to fix the screen door because the cat got outside today and ate a bunch of grass and by time I got her inside she threw up everywhere! Ewww! Thank goodness for a spot bot!
From there I went onto my last little project before getting kids and starting dinner which was to make up some oatmeal packets. Every morning I eat oatmeal and the girls used to love it then they stopped eating it which just happened to be right after we bought a huge box from Sam's Club so I've been eating on it. Why we bought it from Sam's Club in the first place is beyond me probably one of those impulse buys. So I set about setting me up a weeks work of oatmeal. It's much cheaper to set up your own and I do a weeks worth because then I don't have a ton of little baggies and I can reuse the baggies. Believe it or not those little packages are only 1/4 of a cup of oatmeal! So I take 1/4 cup of instant oatmeal and put 1 TBSP of brown sugar in the bag and seal it up. 1/2 cup of water and two minutes in the microwave and I have breakfast for a lot cheaper than buying even the store brand of individually packed oatmeal. I like brown sugar but if you want to purchase (or better yet make yourself) some dehydrated fruit that could be put in instead. Really anything could be mixed in and it's cheep and you know what's in it. 

Well that was my Friday after I got out of work. Well dinner cooled from the oven (isn't it funny we heat things up and then have to let them cool to eat). I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. It's not a do-it yourself thing but I really do like the Clorox toilet bowl cleaning system where you have a wand with throw-away scrubbers. My boys actually somewhat enjoy the task with those when I give it to them (I should make them do it A LOT more often). I thought the scrubbers would run out quickly but I've found they last a decent amount of time (or I don't clean my bathrooms enough ahem). Hope you are enjoying your weekend!