Saturday, March 30, 2013

One Person's Trash Is Another's Treasure & Catching up on the week

Things have been pretty busy around here lately and I had 3 different sheets of 'To Do' lists and none of them got completed and I attempted Spring cleaning but that quickly got shucked and you can't really tell anything was done other than the shower still looking squeaky clean after a bleaching and then a steaming and changing the liner.
I did clean the blinds and most of the curtains (still got a set left they need to be bleached being in the kitchen and I hate dealing with bleach).
A couple things the Scotch-Brite Tub & Tile Scrubber I've had forever but never used (it was a gift) I finally gave a try and handed it to my 8 year old and it did a pretty amazing job. I was impressed!
Second is Finish Booster Agent I got as a sample a long time back I finally tried with my homemade dishwasher soap because I'm stubborn and hate to toss things out and it did an impressive job to help so I'm sure with a standard dishwasher soap it'd be pretty darn amazing.

So other events that happened this past week is my 12 year old daughter's bike was stolen because she forgot to lock it up. We don't live in a very good neighborhood needless to say with this the second bike stolen and our cars broken into 3 times but it is what is is not everyone can live classy neighborhoods or out in the countryside.
I posted onto a free site for our area on Facebook (it's much like freecycle) and someone who knew someone else got a bike for my daughter we just needed to buy the $8 tube for one of the tires.

It was great to see my girl smiling again. It's been a rough week and we had to have lots talks between myself and my two girls about why there are bad people in the world and why people steal. 

Today was suppose to be my special day off with the girls and we were going to color eggs but instead another friend of mine came by with her daughter who I was just suppose to babysit for their sudden emergency but they used my house and internet as a staging ground to try and take care of things. It's very complicated and very personal but let's just say lawyers are now involved and I pray for the very best for them. While it might have messed up my day I am at least glad I could be there for my friends when they needed me. 

We've had people in and out of the house for Peter to work on their computers, he's had side jobs and his actual job has started making people work a lot of overtime as they gear up for the new hospital in town. So we haven't seen much of him lately and I'm just so glad we both have daytime jobs because if I had been working 2nds or a job with no set schedule none of this would be possible.

This past week I also signed the kids up for YMCA Summer Camp Brielle was sad when she heard this would be her last year there since she will be 13 this Fall. It was a real eye opener that I need to get her into the kitchen with me and maybe buy a fire extinguisher for her to try so if she ever needs to use the one in the house there won't be any hesitation. Need to go through safety and ... You know she's a smart girl I know she probably knows all this stuff and she's gone to various cooking clubs through the extension center but still doesn't mean I'm not going to be a worry wort about my baby!
I also signed the kids up for swim lessons for the first time. They started asking me all these questions and I had realized being as over protective as I am I never let them venture out where their feet didn't touch so I really didn't have a clue. I've tried to show them some about swimming (back float, treading water) but I know about even Katherine's age of 8 I was a fish in water and had gone to lots of swimming lessons.
This year I just seem to be fitting a lot in and telling myself, "I will make this work!" while in previous years I made all sorts of excuses or we were too poor to even entertain the thought.

A lot of other things that let's just say I'm not going to speak about but they are causing me a great deal of stress and I'm getting ready for my In-Laws to get here and I'm going to have one of my nieces and nephews for over night. So stressed... so tired.... I may be going bald now.   

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