Sunday, March 3, 2013

March Menu

Well I wrote out the menu for the next month and you'll notice some things are very common in this household right now: Pizza, Hamburger Helper and Spaghetti. You may also notice perhaps don't have the best of diets. I'm looking forward to Spring/Summer/Fall garden time plus the ability to grill out some more. Notice next Sunday we are grilling out! I have a steak in the freezer and we are going to do a little bit of chicken for the girls because it's suppose to be 62 degrees and we are very excited.
So why a month of a menu and why will I be doing nearly the full months shopping tomorrow? Well this is an experiment I had attempted to start before but never completed it so I'm trying to keep up with it. January I did not do this and the first two weeks we ate out a lot and some meals didn't get made and it was a bit of a mess. February I started my menu/buying for one month experiment again. The idea is the less times I have to go to the store the less chances I have for impulse buying or just buying things that are on 'sale' because they are. That is not to say if they don't have a really awesome deal that I won't do it but I have to really want something and it not being just because I'm in the store anyways. It sounds silly but I did the figures between January and February and here is how it worked out.
         Groceries      Eating Out     =    Total
Jan    483.60          224.54              708.14
Feb   361.22          154.64              515.86

(Note: This does not count school meal cost.)

Notice the difference? I sure did and I was shocked. I try to budget $400/mo for all household cleaners/food/pet supplies and I found it a struggle every month to keep to it. I budget $120/mo for eating out mostly for my husband but I was finding every month this was being blown away. Now we did go over on the eating out because one night his parents and my husband's brother from Louisiana came in town so we went out to dinner and then last week when the Daddy/Daughter dance was going on I decided not to cook so that I could have more time to worry about getting things read for Katherine and Peter. If you take my budgeted totals though I still was under my ideal budget! This month I will be trying the same shopping habits though my husband told me I shouldn't focus so much into the eat out budget this month or at very least not count my birthday dinner. I guess for his sake since it is the families gift to me I'll leave it off my totals and put it down as 'gifts'.

Monday 4

Stir Fry Veggies

Tuesday 5
Baked Penne Spaghetti
+ add pepperoni

Wednesday 6

Sloppy Joes

Thursday 7

Hamburger Helper
Green Beans

Friday 8
Chicken Bake

Saturday 9

Sunday 10
Grilled Steak/Chicken
Baked Potatoes
Corn on the Cob

Monday 11
Tacos (taco seasoning)

Tuesday 12
Cheesy Chicken

Wednesday 13
Breakfast for Dinner

Thursday 14
Italian Sausage

Friday 15
Eat Out - Birthday Dinner

Saturday 16

Sunday 17
Pot Roast
Mashed Potatoes

Monday 18

Tuesday 19
Grilled Cheese
Tomato Soup

Wednesday 20

Thursday 21
Turkey Bake
Mashed Potatoes

Friday 22
Hamburger Helper
Green Beans

Saturday 23

Sunday 24
Balsamic Chicken

Monday 25
Mashed Potatoes

Tuesday 26
Pulled Pork

Wednesday 27
Pigs in a Blanket
Tater Tots

Thursday 28

Friday 29
Chicken Nuggets
French Fries

Saturday 30

Sunday 31
Breaded Pork
Mashed Potatoes


  1. Wow, that is a huge savings! I may have to re-evaluate my once a week shopping after looking at this. I started up the once a week because I felt like I was spending too much going monthly since I was routinely forgetting something or having to run to the store to get some obscure ingredient for making dinner.

    1. I think the big thing for me is making sure I have a pretty set menu and as much as I may hate it, really sticking to it. Though I won't lie I forgot things too like I forgot buns for sloppy joes tomorrow so I'll have to stop by to pick that up. I still plan to go into the store about once a week but it should only be for little things. This is a total experiment for me since I used to think people that only did one big shopping trip a month were crazy (and in truth half of the people I knew were because they didn't make menus). I'm really hoping to see how this progresses over the next few months so I can make a good determination if this is a good fit for our family or not.