Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Very Busy Friday

So Friday was a very busy day and I'm glad that I worked some extra hours this past week so that I could leave early.
So what was all the fuss? Well Brielle was returning from the Jr. Beta Competition and Katherine had the Daddy/Daughter Dance last night. Plus, here is a bit of my selfishness showing through, I needed some more crafting supplies to finish up the boards for the kids.

First, I want to say that if you spend more time than you really should there are neat products to be found! I found while standing at Hobby Lobby trying to find new cork because the cork I had picked up was just too thin this wonderful stuff called Dry Erase Vinyl Surface. It's 17.7" x 57.1" and repositionable! Why did no one tell me about this stuff?! This will make my dry erase board creation much simpler! I realized after I got to the car that I forgot to buy the corking but didn't have time because I had to go pick up Brielle from the trip bus (yes she was on an over night trip in Louisville and missed two days of school for it!). While I was driving down to where the pick up spot was going to be I realized wait! If I use cork board then that means tacks and push pins. That means things for me to step on! Well do you know what else I found down at Hobby Lobby? That vinyl surface for $7.99 but made for chalk! Yes a vinyl chalk board surface. Again, the things I didn't know before then! So I've scrapped the idea of the peg board as neat as I think it would look and went for something that has less chance of causing me bodily harm. (If you haven't seen my boards yet here are two that are done: Magnetic Board, Memo Board)

I got Brielle and found out she ranked in the top 10 out of 75 people for her first spelling bee. Because there were so many people the first part was written to get into the top 10 and then out of the top 10 they did the stand up spelling which is what we normally think of when we think Spelling Bee. She did lose during this process and only the top 5 are going to Nationals but for Brielle's very first Spelling Bee I'm very proud of her. I wish I could get pictures but from what I hear they had a closed room competition so not even the teacher that came with Brielle could enter during the whole thing.

I went straight home after getting Brielle (I'll have to figure out some other time to get to Hobby Lobby) because Katherine was riding the bus home today because after school was canceled so that they could get ready for the dance. The theme of the dance this year was Mardi Gras. So I decided to cut down on stress so I could iron things and have time to do Katherine's hair I asked Peter to pick up Dinner. I know once again I deviate from my meal plan!

I'm very glad Katherine is such a weirdo because her mother is horrible at doing hair!
I also had bought her some beads while I was at Hobby Lobby earlier this week. Before she even left home she had given half of the beads to her father and I was informed when they got home last night that yes they got their professional picture taken with him wearing the beads. I have such a goof ball family.


  1. Wow, congrats to your daughter on her placement in the spelling bee! What a great accomplishment. Love the father/daughter dance pictures.

    1. We are all very proud of Brielle and I told her now she should pick up the dictionary and start going through it to prep for next year since her main complaint is they kept giving her words she didn't know.
      And yup those two are my goof balls! ;)