Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Crazy Monday

Okay it's Tuesday and I'm writing about Monday. You know somethings up. Pretty much it was a messed up day from start to go. I can't say it turned out badly but gosh darn it I was stressed out.

First, Peter worked Saturday which means he set the alarm to his normal wake up time of 7 am so when I turned on the alarm Sunday night I didn't think to reset the alarm for my 6 am wake up call. Both of the girls slept through their alarms enough to turn them off or mute them or something so I wake up at 7 am and I look at one of the clocks as I was getting the kids up and I didn't understand at first I was like, you know their clock is an hour off time no wonder the alarm isn't going off and then I wander off to the kitchen for coffee and see the time on the microwave and was like, "Oh no!" So Katherine had to get up and dressed for school while I quickly tossed on some clothes all within 8 min so I could drive her down to school while Brielle rushed herself to get ready for her bus that hadn't come yet. I gave Katherine a cup of milk and cereal to eat in the car and we drove down to the school and as she was giving me the cup back milk splashed up everywhere. Fun right?

So I got home and had to wipe down the car, get a shower and my lunch packed and put my coffee in a thermos and then load Blacky into the van to drive across town to PetSmart to drop him off at the groomers.

I then rushed clear across the city to work and tried to get myself sorted for my 9 o'clock meeting which of course took a lot of walking around the plant, confusion and just feeling overwhelmed though after the Engineer sat there and talked with me just about the state of the world, politics, whatever which thankfully we see eye to eye so I didn't have to fake anything. I got out of that meeting around 11 o'clock and worked until 12:30 when I then ran back into the center of town to go meet my husband for lunch. We really need to avoid these lunches especially since he didn't get the job and I'm trying to tie up a lot of loose financial ends but I kind of needed the moment and to eat.

From lunch I went to the chiropractor and got adjusted again. I'm suppose to go back Monday again unless things get worse between now and then. Things were moving more freely this time so trying to keep up on my therapy while at home has done some good.

Next I went to Jo-Ann's trying to see if I could find something for the girls at work since Tuesday (today) is our Christmas luncheon and we always exchange gifts. I wasn't impressed with anything so I left without buying anything and went next door to pick up Blacky.

Now Blacky didn't have his normal groomer so this groomer was trying to tell me that Blacky got so stressed out that I either needed to break up his visits or they couldn't take care of him any more and that I would have to have the vet do the grooming. I really think it comes down to it not being his normal groomer but he got all trimmed up and he was so happy to leave and come home.

I got home and made up the weekly menu and the grocery list and then went out to buy groceries, picked up Katherine, got home within just a couple min after Brielle got home so it worked out.

Started working on dinner and talking with Katherine who had a bad day at school. Poor girl wears her heart on her sleeve and quietly crying isn't something she's learned so she got into pretty big trouble at school.

A friend of ours Richard came by and bought my old desk top computer so I've finally got that sold and a little money in my pocket which is much needed.

After watching a few shows with Peter to spend time with him I then stayed up to make gifts for the Christmas Luncheon though I wish I would have gotten to it sooner as I think at least one of them has too much sugar in it because I was so disorganized. I think next time I do cookie jars that are this complex that I will make a check list that I can actually write on.

Hopefully they don't taste horrifically bad but it's over and done with. I still am worried about the amount of sugar though.

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