Wednesday, December 5, 2012

When's vacation again?

So work has been having me completely stressed out and I'm not sure how I can get through this week but I'm losing patience at work with myself and I just want to break down crying. I've been given an impossible deadline because I've been given an impossible task. 

Yesterday after work I went out to the mall to buy Katherine some earrings because I felt bad Brielle got all this new jewelry for her dance Friday and Katherine didn't. You wouldn't believe the small selection for clip on and magnetic earrings  I found some cute earrings though after some searching and it was buy 2 get 1 free and I'm like what the heck I'm half way there so I picked out two more pairs for Christmas presents for Katherine. (One pair has little cows no joke! It's great!) I then went to Walmart and found a cute hair band to go with the earrings so paired with her new dress and us taking time to fix her hair she felt very special and loved all the attention (you'd think I never give her any lol).

So we got all fixed up for the PTO Christmas performance and after me making a much better dinner than I had planned to (mostly because it was pre-cooked food so it was faster than what was planned) we got all ready and out the door to the school. 

Now I'm not trying to knock on the music teacher or the PTO but the 3rd graders music was horrible they sang one song that was focused on 3 kids on microphones that were completely out of tune. The second item was a reading of the Night Before Christmas which only a few select kids got to do and then the third performance was a Chinese ribbon dance since our sister school is in China. The ribbon dance was very cute and well done and was the only thing I enjoyed out of the 3rd grade performance. The second grade performance before that was overall well done. 

On to other things for today.
Today we will either add stress to our lives or take it away. The decision on the position at the hospital that Peter applied for today which would be a big promotion and mean a lot to our family, gets decided today. Peter has been nothing but stressed out but he has decided if he doesn't get the job that he will be going back to school because of him only having an associates degree he is often over looked for promotion even though he keeps himself well educated and versed in his field so everyone (including management) comes and asks him questions and he already handles a lot of the direction but down on paper it never looks as good does it? I pray that he gets it but if he doesn't I know we'll make it by other than I'm cringing at him taking online classes because we still haven't paid off his other two associate degrees. We'll make it through. I keep wanting to delete this section because I'm scared I'm going to jinx everything!

Well it's time for me to get going myself as you can see below I'm horrifically busy today and that wasn't even describing the hell that is work. 

Today's schedule is as follows:

  • Kids & husband out the door to school/work
  • My happy butt to work
-BREAK- for about 1 hour so it's whatever I get done in that span of time
  • Pick up Katherine
  • Pick up Brie from Jr. Beta 4:30
  • Pick up Brie something to eat at some fast food place
  • Take Brielle to Ice Rink 5-7
  • Trying to decide between making dinner which will land it late or picking something up. I know which one is better for my stress and I know which one is better for my health and wallet. 
  • Help Kat with homework
  • Pick up Brie
  • Send kids through showers & tuck in and hopefully by 8 o'clock I can sit down though it's only water for me tonight as I have to do a 12 hour fast for tomorrows lab work

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