Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Normal Monday-ness

So Monday is my normal shopping day you know this by now and so my plan was for the day:

  • Kids and husband out the door to school/work
  • Meet at Kroger lady to give nativity set @ 10:30
  • Grocery shopping
  • Pickup & drop off husband for lunch @ 12:00
  • Meet lady at Goodwill @ 1:30 to give Guitar Hero Drum set 
  • Work on picking up the house and getting empty boxes put up
  • Fold laundry 
  • Pick up Katherine from school
  • Help with homework 
  • Start the grill for dinner
  • Dishes
  • Early bed time
Well I didn't get to picking up the house and folding laundry so I was so extremely tired I came home and passed out which wasn't a very restful sleep since I never sleep well during the day time. I didn't get to bed the earliest either was close to 12 but at at least it wasn't 12:30 like the night before though I did keep waking up during the evening. I also have gotten sick of stealing batteries out of everything so I stopped by the Dollar General and ended up walking out with $26 of wreath holders (that I was going to get no matter what this year to make storage easier) and no batteries! 
This weeks shopping trip $61.32. 
So here's today's run down because tonight I won't have time to make a posting and not sure how up to it I'll be in the morning. 
  • 6 am get up with the kids start the school routine
  • 7:40 everyone is out of the house time for me to get ready for work
  • 8:30 leave for work
  • 2:30 Shop for something cute like a hair bow or something for Katherine at dollar store
  • 3:15 pick up Katherine from school
  • Take Katherine for a hair cut
  • Home to work on homework with the kids & work on dinner
  • 6:15 Sorgho School
  • 6:30-7:30 PTO performance
  • Home to kick kids in showers and make sure that all homework got finished. Bedtime normally 8pm but we'll have to play it by ear and see how everything pans out. 
You write it out and it never looks like much but it is a full schedule and work is actually looking to be extremely stressful with meetings and lots of walk in field work so I suspect I will be pulling my hair out sooner than later. 

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