Monday, December 3, 2012

Preparing for the winter holidays my house is such a mess

Well it's officially December or rather it was officially December a few days ago but you know what I mean! This is probably the earliest I've worked on decorations but when they tell you that the weekend is going to be in the high 60's to even the 70's you take the opportunity!

There's another thing that comes with this time of year... Every battery in the house being dead and every little controller or item emptied of batteries in the great battery quest to get things to work and then magically those same batteries disappear  Am I the only one that has a battery gnome mucking things up?

So here's the run down without pictures because one it's a little embarrassing and two for the life of me I can't find an AA battery in this house for the camera!

Saturday I started pulling all the holiday decorations out of the attic and the shed which is quite a few to say the least. I found once again the secondary fake tree we've had for years and decided this year I was going to set it up on the side porch since we had some extra decorations and it was just a little 3' tree that my husband had bought years ago and apparently, I find out, never opened! So I got that and the yard decorations set up for the most part.

We went out to K-Mart as a family trying to find Brielle and Katherine new dresses since Katherine has a performance this week and Brielle has her winter formal this week also! We couldn't find anything at K-Mart though so we ended up going to evil Walmart and let me tell you it was a MAD house! I was so stressed out that we made a few mistakes and heck if I even know where the bags are at with the clothes! I wanted to get out earlier in the day but I was trying to get a hold of 3 different people and a friend was suppose to stop by and I knew it was suppose to be later in the afternoon but I couldn't get a time frame. I really hate when people don't give time frames because my life is pretty much scheduled out every day to make sure I can take care of things. I'm not a sporadic person. Part of what was bought at Walmart was new outside trim lights since out of my 4 strings, 1 worked, 1 half worked but we couldn't find the problem and 2 plain didn't work. So we got home and as I was trying to figure out the wiring debacle (which I haven't fully fixed) I find out my sidewalk path lights don't work! Oy! I gave up after that though it was around 8pm. Yes, I'm not kidding it really did take that long to do that little it was just a crazy day!

Sunday we woke up late but I made up cinnamon rolls, eggs and sausage and we had a good breakfast. Which is something I think we all needed.

My goal was to finish getting the outside lights up though I started working with the inside some. It's easy to get distracted when you have a lot to do. I reorganized the best that I could the laundry room so that I could bring the bench from the front door to back there (and had to do the book shuffle since the whole cabinet under the bench is filled completely with books) and I got that area all vacuumed and set up the tree and got the lights and garland up. Peter went out and bought a new set of lights for the walkway, I decided I'm going to let go of my first nativity set it was a Big Lots special though I bought it at a time when money was always very tight and so it's kind of an emotional thing for me but I'm trying to learn to let go and I put it up on a local Facebook page for giving/getting free items so I'll be meeting a lady today so that her family can now enjoy it. What brought it on is I was pulling out decorations and realized I hadn't pulled out that set for like 5 years because the pieces are so large I don't have a place to set it up so it was time for it to go before it got broke and to stop letting it clutter up my life. I got all the lights on the house put up, I pulled the broken lights off of the metal star we have for the yard and put on a new strand so that I wasn't just trying to wrap things around it like previous years. I had Jason come over to rake leaves for me out back and get them to the curb which I just wasn't going to get time to do myself.

At the moment what I'm looking at is laundry that is almost up to my head all washed but not folded which has gained me lots of evil eyes from the family as they've had to dig through items. Fall decorations everywhere on the table and floor where I've been trying to get the packed up. I did stay up last night, sacrificing sleep, and got the dishes done at least. I think once I wade through this sea of boxes and get the rest of the decorations up and pack away the packing that I can start getting life back in order.

Wish me luck.

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