Saturday, December 22, 2012

Short Check In

Yes, I am still around and this is just a little short check in. A few things 1. Yes, I'm on winter break and no I haven't had a ton of free time with the kids yet. I'm not sure what's going on there I think my priorities got out of whack and my perception of time is off. 2. I have a cold so bare with me.

Two weeks ago I got out and put up the outside lights myself because getting my husband to do it is like pulling teeth thank goodness for gutter clips it makes things easier. Mind you this week I've had to redo much of it due to the wind storm (that also ripped apart my green house so my gardening progress this next year may be rather off and I hope I don't lose all my herbs in there I need to get an area cleared to save what I can I'll have to call all the saved tomatoes and peppers a loss).

We got enough time to finish decorating our tree last weekend though I don't think most of my other decorations are coming out this year.

For my Supervisor I made Spritz cookies and let the girls help. We decorated them and put them into a tin and I gave it to him this last Monday as a Christmas gift.

So Tuesday was a lot of meetings at work and then in that time I fit in doing the majority of the wrapping.  Though needless to say Santa's elves went on strike and he asked me to help with the wrapping again so I'll be doing that probably all Christmas Eve.

With time off with the girls the other day I sat down and made a few of the Star Wars models Katherine got for Christmas last year that we never got around to building. Her daddy didn't want us to do them all so I saved a few for him to do with her. Now I just need to kick him to do it. 

This past Wednesday Brielle had her baby teeth pulled out though the tooth fairy has still not come. I guess I better go give her a swift kick tomorrow since these are the last of Brielle's baby teeth. She's still suffering from the after effects of having teeth yanked but she'll be fine and she's slowly but surely getting back onto normal foods. The next step will be gum help and finding a loan so we can start the process for braces.

Lately I've been strained and pushed to my limits with the storm tearing up my green house, the doctors appointments and lately I've been trying to donate a lot of item though Facebook items my family doesn't need any more but other families might want. The problem is as good willed as this sounds because my husband got tired of me using so much gas now they need to come to our home and people are standing me up which means I've been standing on street corners at odd hours of the night and day freezing because you can't see the street from my house. It's taken too much effort because people are being no shows so I think from now on I will go back to donating everything to goodwill. I really can't give up my life like that for other people and for junk. I have though been clearing items out of my house and though I've gotten rid of stacks and stacks of stuff so far it just doesn't feel like I've made much of a dent.

In any case this was just suppose to be a short update to show I'm still around, alive and kicking. I need to see if I can get some sleep since it's 2 am and this cold has made it really hard for me to get any rest.

--Oh and tomorrow we made Shortbread cookies and Berlinerkranser cookies. I'll update later :)

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