Friday, December 14, 2012

Our Hearts Go Out to Newtown, Connecticut

I can always seem to find something to complain about or always seem behind in things but today shows just how trivial all that can be. Our family prays for the families of all those who were affect by today's tragic events in Newtown, CT.
I've had to fight every urge to go get my children from school just to give them hugs. Violence in our schools is something that should never be accepted and we must strive to try and find ways to prevent these tragedies.
In 1998 Thurston High School had a very tragic shooting where I lost a very good friend and had many friends injured. I have never forgotten and I've always prayed that a tragedy like this would never happen again though over the years my prayer has not been answered but I will continue to pray and pray for all those that have ever been affected by violence.
Again, our hearts go out to the community of Newtown.

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