Friday, December 7, 2012

Worst day in a very long time

So I woke up with a headache that was making me so ill I was dry heaving but needed to go to work so after I got Kat out the door I woke Peter up to get Brielle out the door while I laid down. The headache continued so badly I hardly got any work done for the meeting Monday. I got an appointment down at the chiropractor at 2:30 I go down there they have to enter me as a new patient the doctor doesn't come to talk to talk to me until 3:30 I have to have Peter leave work early to go get home for when Brielle got off the bus at 4. My military neck (it doesn't have the natural curve it should) has started getting a reverse curve and things are looking at bone spurs and my scoliosis is less than pretty. I have to go back in Monday.

Peter didn't get the position at the hospital and it really is a blow we really needed it with all the medical stuff going on.

I'm ready to break down and cry. I just am going to start looking at making more cuts around the household.

Brielle is at her winter dance right now. I've held myself together today for the kids.

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