Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Successful Wednesday

So you may or may not have seen that I had a lot going on today. Well I was able to get it done though work was still very stressful and I cheated and bought food out instead of cooking at home just to try and make things less stressful.

I got home this afternoon and decided to tackle the bathroom. In the tackling of that I decided to clean out the hair tie drawer. Yes, between myself and two girls we have a whole drawer dedicated to hair clips, ties, brushes and more and it's not all of it just the majority. I of course didn't think to snap a picture until well into the organization. Which I would like to clarify organization doesn't always mean things look neater or cleaner but it means that you can grab what you need quickly and efficiently.

 After starting the process you see how much random stuff I had. I went through and picked out the good hair ties and the ones that were older or frayed I tossed away and then separated everything by type and gave it a sandwich baggy. It may not look pristine but it is definitely more organized!

I did the rest of that afternoons running of kids and then came home to watch a little bit of TV with the husband and work on spelling words with Katherine. Which by the way Peter's work did not announce who got the position like they were suppose to so we are all still sitting on pins and needles.

I decided tonight to paint my vase. Now I realized that I never posted a picture of my vase and not sure if I mentioned it or not on my blog. So this past fall I went to the dollar store and they had spring items 70% off and one of the items was this vase:

Kind of an off color green but it's suppose to be for spring. So I got crafty with it this fall and with some washable paint I did this:
Well it isn't fall anymore so I washed off the paint that had only recently started chipping off so I think it was a pretty good idea over all and stumped for ideas I just started in the only request that was made by the girls was for it to look like it was snowing. Now I'm not an artist but seeing how this is my 50 cent vase with paints I had laying around I don't feel bad and if later on I decide I can't stand it then I just wash it off and try it again.
I might have done better if I wasn't so tired but that's alright.

Today I also received a package from a friend of mine who oddly I've never met in person what it boils down to is we were teamed up with her husband on a random game in a video game and we thought they were neat and we became friends and started playing the game together and come to find out he was a published author and then we started talking with his wife, Cindy, when she was around and became friends. Anyways it's kind of silly but they are great people and I'm so blessed to know them. Anyways.... So I get a package from Cindy and it's a scarf she knitted for me but not any scarf but Tom Baker's scarf (Any Doctor Who fans out there?) It's a little over 20' long! I'm not joking here! It's awesome and I love it! I had to take a picture of it even though I'm sporting Eeyore which totally doesn't go together.

Tomorrow I go into work somewhere between 7 and 8 am and I'm currently fasting because I have blood work that is going to be drawn while I'm at work. I know fun stuff right. Also, tomorrow afternoon I will be going to Katherine's school to update her IEP as she is being released from speech therapy. It's going to be a busy day I just hope it is an also productive day with as little stress as possible.

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