Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Titles are not my forte - Another day?

Okay yesterday I was very sick, running a low grade temp, falling asleep everywhere it just wasn't pretty. I skipped the cleaning task for the '4 Weeks to a More Organized Home' on Money Saving Mom. Seeing how I cleaned the oven and the microwave just before Thanksgiving I didn't feel too badly about it. The day before that I did the task of cleaning out the silverware drawer nothing really of note but when I was scrubbing out the silverware container it struck me that the poor randomly cracked thing I think we got used god knows how many years ago at least 10 if not closer to 13. People act like Peter and I have money... no I just choose not to spend it. If something works or can be made to work without having to replace it I've found that duct tape and hot glue are my friends. It's like when I made ham bone soup I just grabbed food I already had around the house, can of tomatoes, random can of tomato paste I've had for god knows how long, a bit of rice and a can of veggies. Wasn't the best soup in the world but guess what it was dinner for a night and I bagged the rest up and have lunches for a week. It's called making every single penny count and learning to live with discomfort.

In any case I bit the bullet and I arranged Brielle's appointment with the dentist to have those baby teeth extracted. I've waited off about as long as I could but I want to get this done so we can start treatment with the orthodontist. I was able to get an appointment on what is suppose to be a Snow Make-Up day so hopefully between now and then it doesn't snow. I also went and wrote a letter to the school board asking on how I should go about petitioning for a change in their policies because right now if I take Brielle out of school for an appointment even with a note from the doctor than she still loses her participation points which hurts her grades and she receives a tardy for the day. I think it is a ridiculous policy and this is the e-mail I sent.

Is there a web site or some general information on how to petition a re-evaluation of the school districts policy on tardies and participation points in classes. Until this year I didn't realize how bad our current policy is and I feel badly for every parent that has had to go through this. My oldest child is in Burns Middle school and she has serious problems with her mouth and teeth which is going to take 5 years of constant work. This isn't just an appearance procedure but it is affecting her eating and her speech and must be corrected. I did not realize that a note from the doctor was about as useful as blowing my nose in a tissue and handing it in because no matter what my daughters grades would be effected by the fact that I have no choice but to take her out of school for these appointments as I cannot get them set later (I've been trying and I do try when possible to get them set up for days school is already planned to be out of session). She's a good child in more advance class placement, straight A's and in Jr. Beta. I don't feel that the punishment of her having to work so much harder to try and keep her grades up because of these lost points should be levied against her or any other student for that matter. I'd like to know the proper procedure to go about trying to get this changed because it's hurting the students and putting undue strain onto the parents.

Thank you,

When I hear anything back I already know several parents that want to know what they say because they are effected by this policy too. Parents and doctors a like would like to see this changed and I hope we can push to see something done about it.

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