Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Blog Just Because?

I'm normally blogging by now and especially over a 4 day weekend! I normally have craft pictures to show and a few stories to tell but truthfully I've snapped 1 picture this whole weekend and that was on Thursday really.
Teaser Photo for Dishwasher Powder

I'm in the process of working with DIY Dishwasher powder but I'm trying several different suggestions on how to alter the original recipe and it seems along the way I've ran into several of the same problems other people have. Foggy glass, the powder hardening, etc. (Correction I took 3 or 4 pictures because I got inventive with cheese cloth during the process.) So I've been taking lots of notes and 2 or 3 more loads of dishes I should have something to say. I get the feeling though this won't be the end of the experimentation.

Thursday was Valentine's day and our oldest was at a fundraising event until midnight so pretty much last second I through the idea of spaghetti out the window and by my youngest daughter's request we went to Subway. I was happy not to have a bunch of dishes to do.

Friday, I was babysitting my friend's little girl. We've been doing this trading off thing where for snow days or holidays we've been trading back and forth and it's been wonderful. The girls get to play and we know our children are in safe environments. Friday they played tag and hide and go seek nearly all day. Girls were giggling and running around in circles (since if you open all the doors in 90% of the house it'll eventually make a complete circle) and while we had a few little spats of pouting it was all very good.... for them. I tried to sit down with my knitting but it just was not happening apparently.

Saturday, I took the kids shopping for a present for one of the little girls we're friends with the family with. She turned 2 and I was worried about not being able to find much or getting the same things as everyone else but looks like we lucked out. We then went over to the birthday party. More giggling and fun for the kids while the noise was starting to stress me for no really good reason. Just a lot of people in the house since it was so cold outside.

Peter was up at his mother's house Saturday, since early in the morning helping clear out her house out there since they may have finally gotten a buyer for the house. His parent's haven't lived in this area for some years now. In the process of all this we got a dresser and it's a very nice dresser that we are going to give to the children but the only problem is that I'm telling Peter not to get rid of the old dresser for the kids because eventually we are going to separate them into two rooms. Brielle's 12 and 1/2 it's not going to be long until she doesn't want her little sister constantly around.  Though it is tempting to just get rid of it since it isn't in the best of conditions but buying furniture again... the idea makes me cringe. Thankfully 80% of the furniture we have is from auctions or items his mother was getting rid of because she does a lot of auctions. We've bought a few pieces new and it always makes me cringe.

Today is Sunday and have I mentioned my menu has already been messed up? Remember that company Friday? Well Pizza Saturday got moved to Friday, Saturday his parents said they wanted us to go out to eat (there goes my budget) so we met up at Penn Station. (Thank goodness for Penn Station because first they said Olive Garden and then they said Red Lobster! After having those two restaurant freak me out about the budget then Penn Station didn't sound too bad!) So the ham I defrosted for Friday is now going to be cooked here on Sunday and by golly I will not stand for any more interruptions of my menu plan!

Anyways back to today. We've had to kick the children to clean so we can move their dresser into the playroom, move the new dresser into the bedroom, change around all the clothes and oy. Day off? Please? I guess I'm getting my time off right now with my coffee.

So I promise some better postings and pictures later on but this weekend it seems even though I have time off that I'm always in between one annoyance and another. Hope everyone else is having a bit better weekend!

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