Monday, February 11, 2013

A few other things done this past week... and insight into next

So my blogging has actually been pretty sporadic compared to how I normally try to get things up and for the most part in order. Well a few things kind of fell through the cracks for with the family has been up to (Okay myself with the girls because I don't think you want to see my husband in his undergarments playing video games.... it's like living with a teenage boy).

Finished a Goal
I was able to finish one of my goals this year which was to read one book. Yes, I know I didn't set the bar very high but I wanted to see it done (though shhh don't tell anyone I was reading at work too, only reason it got done this fast).

Zen and the Art of Knitting by Bernadette Murphy. Think of this book like a short story book about knitters. It talks about people's opinions about knitting and any spiritual or meditation qualities that knitting seems to have for these people. It talks about their hardships and trials while really focusing in where knitting fell in with their lives. Even if you're not a knitter there are some good lessons to be learned and some things that really make you think. While I do not agree with all of this book and a few parts grated on my nerves because it seemed the author was too blown away to realize the story should move forward a bit; I still recommend this book.
My own knitting is kind of sad. I tried to do the purl stitch when I made my scarf and it turns out because I didn't know what I was looking for and I didn't twist the yarn correctly all I got was a plain knit stitched scarf. Don't get me wrong I'm still proud of myself but now I want to try and move past that. I decided that just complaining about knitting and doing nothing about it wasn't doing me any good. I went to Big Lots and got some bright pink (pictured) and some nice blue yarn and then some baby blue yarn. I wanted to make my soon-to-be new nephew (My sister-in-law is due very soon) a baby hat but I lost my circular needles and I haven't decided what to make out of this other yarn (pink and dark blue) I think I might be going with a scarf again but try out different stitches. In this thought process of I need to do something and not just complain I went down to Hobby Lobby and bought a book about knitting to help me understand different stitches.

Candles Day 2
 The day after candle day the other week I also let the girls make their own candles. Katherine was determined to use my mold that really is more suited for the trash can by this point but she still loves her candle. Brielle's turned out very festive for this season. My mother had asked me what that machine is that I have the girls pictured with. Well it's a candle maker. You unlock the top and put the wax, scent and color up there and then it has a valve that you can safely turn to start and stop the wax pouring into the mold. I prefer to use this with the kids because I can be a little less hands on. I still hover but I don't have to be as worried about them burning themselves or dropping/spilling anything. As many candles as we make it was worth the investment for us.

Valentine Cookies
So finally we get to this Sunday. Did I mention that this past weekend I was horribly lazy after a very nasty fall last week while I was fixing the plastic on the greenhouse because we had a 70 degree day! Well I was lazy but around 4 o'clock I decided that if I didn't make the cookies with the girls now then they weren't going to get made. So I made up some spritz cookies and added red food color so they turned out pink.

This Week
So now we are into this week. It's going to be a bit of a busy week. I go into work today. (I know working on a Monday! Ugh! Thankfully I don't have to do it often.) And because I'm working today it means I get to fit my grocery shopping in after the work day... not so fun seeing how my shopping list isn't quite complete yet. I don't need much because I bought the majority of stuff for the month but I need very odd things that I don't always buy. The reason I'm going into work is because Friday the kids don't have school so I need to be able to cover that day and it sounds like I might be babysitting as another friend of mine didn't even realize that this next weekend was a 4-day weekend. Which I'm completely fine with. It's great to be able to trade off watch each other's kiddos.
The middle of this week Brielle was suppose to have a Jr. Beta meeting getting ready for the big convention coming up at the end of the month but both girls have a dental appointment. I tried to reschedule it but they told me I couldn't get a new appointment until near the middle of summer! So the girls may not like it but they ARE getting home/getting picked up early.
I have several things going on this week at work and it sounds like a lot of meetings so I'm not looking forward to it. In fact, I'm dreading it. So I expect to be completely burnt out this week so dinners are going to be pretty simple and Crock pot Tuesday will be Cheesy Chicken again.
I guess I better finish up this coffee, kiss my husband out the door and go get ready for work myself.

Also, just a little photo update of my sprouts. Now if I could just figure out why the broccoli grew so high then fell over... weird.

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  1. Your comment about your husband cracked me up! Mine is just as bad as our boys with the X-box. Drives me crazy. Those cookies look really good.