Thursday, February 14, 2013

Knitting Woes

First I'd like to Welcome my new nephew, Nikola Orrin to the family! 

Nikola was born to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law on February 12th. 

Now I mentioned I picked up my knitting again one reason is because I wanted to knit my new nephew a hat. Well here's the problem with that. I had never knitted in the round before! They wanted to start it with smaller needles than I had so I just thought, "I'll decrease the pattern." Well even if I hadn't decreased it I think I would have had a problem! It's a baby yamaka! It's just not tall enough! Over all I'm very disappointed with my handy work because of this. I think for my first time knitting in the round and my first time doing decreases that I actually did quite good I just wish the hat was the right size. I'll have to try again and my poor hands are screaming at me not to. While knitting in the round isn't especially hard it is very awkward. 

Well I have a four day weekend after I get through today because the kids are off Friday and Monday so perhaps I'll start another hat. I'll be babysitting Friday though so we'll have to see. Today I get to come home and clean house because things fell apart around here pretty badly. 

Here's my Baby Yamaka. I hope it gives you a good laugh for today. (Do you notice the ribbing on the bottom! I think I did the purl stitch right for once too! Horray!)


  1. I think it looks good. If it were me, it would be a photo of yarn because I can't knit or do anything like that. Your new nephew is adorable! I hope you are enjoying your 4 day weekend. My boys have been off school since Wed afternoon and I've already lost track of the days. I woke up grumbling about where did my husband put the Sunday paper except oops, it's Saturday! No wonder I couldn't find it.

    1. I'm just learning how to knit. It's a tad frustrating but YouTube is your friend.
      And yes hoping to see my nephew in the near future but it has me having the baby itch again. I'd like more children but then I look at my bank account and realize 2 kids is enough!
      LOL on the News Paper! I know it has me all messed up too!