Friday, February 1, 2013

My Own Pinstrosity

"pin·stros·i·ty \pin-ˈsträ-sə-tē\: a pin of great and often frightening size, force, or complexity." -
So I had this idea months ago before even getting onto pinterest and then I see that it is completely doable! The pinterest site took me to a Chinese website but not to worry the instructions for this were wrote in English on eHow and it's all over the web! 

Sadly it's only been a few days and it's already an epic fail! To top it off I see it's been just enough time for my broccoli to sprout and some how I have to transplant everything because I don't have enough seeds to do it all again! 

 So here you see I just got as many plants as I could into my tray! Things like tomatoes have to be transplanted a couple times sometimes to get a nice thick stem before putting them outside, lots of peppers because they don't take much space and broccoli because it was my first time trying to grow it.
I probably went over board and the potting soil I got I had to dampen myself which probably means I got it too wet. I know it didn't look uniformed.

So here's the problem.... MOLD! Perhaps I should have left the green house cover off? EEP!

I get the feeling I'm going to be quite busy fixing this mess. Personally I would say just spend the money and buy the actual stuff and skip the toilet paper rolls. It was worth a try trying to save money but let's just hope it didn't just cost me extra.


  1. I hope you figure something out! We didn't have a garden last year and I missed it. We usually just wait and plant our stuff directly into the ground or buy the already started seedlings from a local greenhouse (no, not cheap unless you consider my capabilities with gardening and then it is actually cheaper in the long run-ha!)

    1. This is the last year I am attempting to start tomatoes and peppers from seed and my first year ever of trying to grow broccoli. I've had the cat eat my plants almost every year and the few that did make it never seemed to grow big enough so they didn't even attempt to produce until near the time for our first freeze. I told myself (and my husband) that if I can't get anything to work this year then I am going to stop buying seeds for those kinds of items and just buy plants. We have a local seller that sells 6 packs of pepper plants for $2! But something about watching little seeds sprout make me so happy. It is definitely cheaper in the long run if you can't make seeds work and sadly so far I've had the black thumb of death with indoor sowing. We'll see how it goes though! Good luck and hope you get a garden this year! It's a great excuse to get outside, get exercise and have fresh food. It's about the only way I get my youngest daughter to eat vegetables. She'll go grazing through the garden leaving hardly anything for me to pick but during the winter months after I run out of stock (because I have a small garden) it is like pulling teeth to get her to eat the same kinds of food. It just doesn't taste right according to her.