Thursday, August 15, 2013

Busy Thursday

So I spent my day worrying about Katherine and how things were going to go. I was so worried and stressed out about it I forgot my cellphone and my lunch at home when I went to work.

Well great news! Katherine got all her points and remembered all her supplies! She had an awesome day! We went to Kroger after I picked her up from After School and she picked out her birthday cake and I bought her a chocolate chip frappuccino at Starbucks. She even saw a friend when we were there. This from the girl who tells me she doesn't have friends.

After work today I started on the desk. I just needed to be busy with my hands. Sadly I ran into a few problems and I'll have to do some touch up on it later. 1. I had hoped this would be a dollar store project but having never used spray paint before  I went through 3 cans and used paint I had out in the shed which was latex so yeah I've had a few difficulties. I also used some chalking we had laying around and contact paper I bought at the dollar store. I'll do more to the desk later but I wanted to get it inside today.

Before - I should have moved the chair. 

After. It definitely looks different I think! 

I ended up spending about $9 out of pocket on the project. 

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