Saturday, August 10, 2013

Friday Night Success?

Well Peter took Brielle out for Friday Night Magic at the local game shop. We are going to try and make this a regular thing but it was nearly 11 by time they got home. I'm fine with it now that I have a time frame but Peter had left his phone at home which left me in the dark.

I found out without Peter home I become productive or crazy I'm not sure which. I washed two loads of laundry but of course I didn't fold them because folding is evil. I moved things around in the kitchen to scrub the floors after I had wiped down the counters and stove. I did two loads of dishes, cleaned the bathroom floor/sink/toilet, vacuumed the living room and then played video games the rest of the evening while Katherine got time on her computer for good behavior this week at school.

I mean to be doing some more cleaning right now but I slept for 10 hours for some reason and 3 hours into this day and I'm still not completely ready to face things.

Tonight we are doing a build your own pizza night! We don't do them very often because it can get expensive but it's always highly enjoyed.

We are also going to fulfill the girls' request of bringing back family movie night tonight.

In other news an awesome friend of mine gave me her TI-83 for Brielle since Brielle lost mine somehow. We've torn apart the house but to no avail. I was getting a big desperate and thankfully I have some very awesome friends that were able to help me out. I've been going through the budget and now with school in session and winter just around the corner meaning higher utility costs, birthdays and holidays I'm cringing as I'm looking at the next few months trying to find where I can squeeze every penny out to make it all work.

We will still be going to the movies tomorrow though as I've already got the money pulled out of the budget for it.

Finally I need to whine a little. This is what I've been dealing with in random spots on my body and it is getting worse before it gets better.
This is what happens when I have to deal with trumpet vine. I'm immune to poison ivy and poison oak but trumpet vine is absolutely horrible! This is what I get for when I was younger leading my friends through poison oak, admittedly I was ignorant of what the stuff looked like.
I'll be glad when this stuff clears up it's been driving me batty! And no amount of anti-itch cream helps and it feels weird when I have to put it on!


  1. Folding is evil-ha! I love that especially since I have a huge pile of clean clothes on the bed right now. Do you always go out to the movies for family movie night? Just curious as we love movies and it sounds fun. I took the boys and a friend to Smurfs 2 yesterday and I enjoyed it more than I expected. Is trumpet vine the stuff with those pretty orange flowers? I hope your rash clears up soon.

    1. We actually never go out for Friday movie night. We only go to the theater once or twice a year due to the cost. We'll find something at redbox or hulu that we want to watch be it a TV show or movie and we'll make up snacks. This time for Satuday I also had an unexpected babysitting bout so had 2 extra little kids so we got Escape from Planet Earth and thankfully had some chocolate for Brielle and the rest of the kids got popcorn (I've got to get used to this braces thing).
      Yeah my counter by the washer has been retaken over by clothes after I caught up... it never ends.
      And yes that is trumpet vine. It is very pretty and humming birds love it but it will destroy fences and take over trees, buildings or anything in its way.

    2. *Saturday night movie
      On phone @ work taking a breather after a meeting before my next meeting LOL so excuse my flub up.