Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wrap it up Tuesday

So let's see how I did on my To Do List and  dive into my Excuse List. Yes, it was one of those days...

  • Laundry 

    • Wash  - 3/4th washed - Kids decided to show me they had another basket and I found other various clothes hidden around the house. *sighs*
    • Fold 
    • Put Away

  • Dishes - Well they are in the dishwasher does that count? I had full intention to start them because I already did the hand stuff I just had that one load but the window A/C was on due to Summer arriving late and we can't run the A/C and the portable dishwasher without popping a breaker so it's always one or the other. I decided I wanted to be cool. (though I will start it this morning) 
  • Clean Stove
  • Clean Counters - 1/2 done. I started working on it but Peter was dragging me away from the kitchen to plan out our weekend vacation. It's all set up! I can't wait to talk about it when we get back! 
  • Make Menu
  • Shopping List - I didn't actually make a shopping list! I walked in blind and grabbed things! Horrible way to shop but the pantry is stocked up a few months on a couple items. 
  • Shopping
  • Put Away Canning Supplies - 1/2 done. I wrapped up jars in newspaper and bagged and box them and got them out to the shed. Well some jars left in the house but loose ones are put up. I've got some canning supplies waiting in the dishwasher so once dishes are done I should be able to finish up the rest of the canning stuff. 
  • Mow Lawn - 1/2 done. I got the string trimming done and mowed the back yard but when I got to the front yard to mow the mower decided it didn't want to start and it was already nearly too dark to mow so I took that as a sign. 
  • Vacuum
  • Fix Screen Door
  • Organize Coupons - I got the coupon packets out of the papers at least?.... 
  • Call business to schedule Brielle's birthday party next month - Well I called and found out the information though because she has decided these 2 kids HAVE to go and their parents are divorced it's made it so juggling things has become darn near impossible! It's driving me batty! 
  • Clean kitchen floor
  • Dust bookshelf
  • Pickup living room. - Well I tried to start on this one and then everyone came home....
  • Lunch with Peter
  • Pickup Brielle after school for Ortho. appt. 

  • So I've been writing this over the morning. Brielle totally didn't look like she washed her hair well enough can we say GREASE! The joys of a teenager and it made her hair look like she didn't attempt to brush... truthfully I don't think she realizes she has a back of the head! So I went out last min with a hair brush after yelling at her to get her butt out the door because she was running excessively late to get out to the bus. I started to brush the back of her head when the bus pulled up and the bus driver motioned me over. Apparently Katherine was trying to sleep on the bus today and other children were doing something to her the bus driver didn't go into detail only to say that this was a rough bus which I knew it was we basically live next door to the projects. The driver said she was going to take care of Katherine and that it was nothing Katherine did basically it was just bullying and such so I sent an email to Katherine's homeroom teacher informing her because I was warned don't be surprised if Katherine is upset when she gets home..... I don't know what happened to my poor baby it's got me very worried! There's nothing I can do about it right now though and every bad, nasty thing is running through my head because I was bullied when I was younger too. 

    -- In any case Monday there were lots of hitches as I had to drive Peter out his work tablet, then pick Peter up for lunch and drop him off and the orthodontist appointment took half an hour longer than they expected. Basically my Monday got ate by the time monster and there wasn't a lot I could do about it. 

    Well I'm going to go work off some of this worry and go mow the front lawn before getting ready for work. 

    Hope everyone has a good Tuesday!

    Additional: This morning was a bit crazy with everything that happened. I believe we got things worked out.
    This weeks shopping trip... this is what happens when I don't have a clear shopping list.. I restock the house.  I went over my weekly budget of $100 because as I was leaving I found a cloth table cloth and finding square cloth table tends to be tricky and it tossed me over budget.  $104.45 (table cloth $10.39)

    Additional: After talking with the school bus driver we found out exactly what happened and came up with a game plan for my daughter to keep her safe from bullies. We live in a very rough area of town and I'm glad the bus driver is being upfront with me and has given me her cellphone number incase Katherine talks about anything more. I emailed Katherine's homeroom teacher also to give her the warning about Katherine today and her teacher did say she could tell something was wrong but Katherine wouldn't talk about it so I think Katherine and I will have a heart to heart with her. She likes to keep things in when it comes to bullies and it is important she learns to speak up now because its so hard to try and help her if I don't know what's going on. -- Here's to another start to the year let's pray for the strength to work through this and hope the rest of the year is better. Though if the bus continues to be an issue I am prepared to start driving her. I'll do whatever it takes to give both of my children the best chance they can possibly have. 


    1. I'm so sorry that your daughter was bullied but glad the busdriver was upfront with you about it and appears to be on top of things. I'll pray it doesn't happen again. We need to mow our front lawn as well. I was going to make our oldest son do it but apparently his dad makes that job "too complicated" (eye-roll as we really just expect to not see a complete unmowed row when he's finished lol). Can't wait to hear about your vacation!

      1. Yeah I keep thinking I can one day get my oldest to do it but we have moles so it makes it exceptionally hard to mow. I did get it mowed this morning along with the dishes before work at least. I needed to blow some steam off.
        Yeah I think we caught this early enough on so even though Katherine is sad about not being able to sit towards the back of the bus she is glad that she won't have to deal with the people that have been bullying her.
        There's so much kids have to deal with these days and I was talking to my Grandpa about it tonight and as he put it, and it's very true, that much of this behavior going on also falls back to the parents and how they address issues at home because kids will be kids but it's our job as parents to put the kids back on the right track.