Thursday, August 15, 2013

Short Update

Well I thought it'd be silly and too much work for me to have 2 facebook accounts so I made a facebook group. While it won't be 'shared' and suggested to others as often traffic to my site has never been my #1 goal rather it has been for me to be able to talk about what we are up to and share it with old friends, new friends and family.
The facebook group link should be:
Feel free to join. I should mostly be posting just links to a new blog unless something catches my eye completely. If this format does not work well we may change to an additional account but I'd like to avoid it if possible.


Other news we've been in contact with Katherine's teacher already there are things going on and Katherine is giving me a blank stare not remembering it and it's behavior issues I've never had with her. Apparently if anyone touches her she screams bloody murder? It has me completely confused I've never heard or witness such a thing with her. I may try to take some time off soon and ask to sit in during a school day because what the teachers are telling me doesn't give with the Katherine I know. Mind you I should be used to this they marked her as a problem child back in Kindergarten and each teacher has passed it onto the next one plus she is getting all of Brielle's old teachers and Brielle is a much more quiet and reserve child so I think they are going in with unreasonable expectations.

It's stressful and as a mom you just want the very best for your child. It's not the end of the world and we will work through this but I just want to sit down and cry because I really getting the feeling they aren't giving Katherine a fair chance. I'll be happy when she gets to Middle School so she can get away from this reputation the teachers have pinned on her. I know what the problem really is I told the teachers some years ago to go fly a kite when they wanted her put on ritalin. For blurting out answers in the classroom and emotionally not being up with the rest of the kids.
1. she blurts stuff out because she's excited and she's trying to 'participate' god forbid a child does that. I'm not saying she shouldn't raise her hand but it's something very fixable.
2. She's one of the youngest students in the class plus she doesn't have a lot of brothers and sisters and a neighborhood of kids to play with so admittedly emotionally she's not quite up there and I warned them about that. She's a very sensitive child on top of it and loves every little thing. She captures spiders and other bugs that gets in the house and releases them to the outdoors!

If you've read my posts for a long time then you know I'm HIGHLY against medicating children! I was that misdiagnosed case that spent a third of her life trying to fix things after horrible pills and manipulating doctors. Not to mention they tried to pull the same ADHD bs on me about Brielle strictly because her test times were low! Schools need to stop looking for quick fixes and teachers need to do their jobs and states need to properly fund these teachers and support staff so that everyone can do their job properly! If you work with a child and you show them what is going on and why they shouldn't do something and you repeat working on that and giving them structure and the individual attention the need and deserve then problems will be fixed without pills 90% of the time. But you stick one grown up into a class of 28-32 kids and of course they can't see what's going on which also is what allows bullies which there are quite a few of at the school. One kid looked at Katherine in after school last week when Katherine went up to introduce herself and said, "Get out of my life." I really feel for poor Katherine as she tries to find her place in this world.
Here I am about ready to start crying again and I need to finish getting ready for work.

Well this was suppose to be a short update but I found my soap box. Just very stressed out at the moment as I want only the best for my kiddos.

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