Friday, August 9, 2013

Killing Time - Weekend Plans

So if anyone is looking at this they will think, "Boy she sure is posting at an odd time did she not go to work?" Well I assure you I'm at work but I got tied down to my desk waiting on a service call to come in for me to get the appointment time for people to fix my large format copier.
Horrible picture I know but all I've got is my phone which is older than sin (but I still love it).
I put a chair by the copier to kind of give an indication of how large this thing is.

So we are kicking off the weekend here in a few hours! Hooray!
Plans are as follows:
Tonight Peter will take Brielle and play Magic the Gathering with her at Friday Night Magic from 6-9 pm.
Tomorrow from 12-2 Peter will take Katherine down to play Pokemon.
Saturday night will also be family movie night as we slacked off on that and the kids have been asking for it again. I will have to figure out a different snack than popcorn now that Brielle has her braces. I believe we are going to actually watch the Legend of Korra series a little bit at a time because we haven't seen any movies come out on DVD recently.
Sunday we plan to take the kids to see Despicable Me 2 at the theater.

Oh and either tonight or tomorrow I'll be making zucchini bread with one if not both girls to help me. It all depends on when I feel up to it.

We're trying to be come a bit more active as a family. We'll see how it goes. In September the Project 4-H club is starting back up and I've already talked to Peter and we'll be letting both of the girls get involved with 4-H. They also have a Nature Club I think the kids would like but they looked at me funny and then they have a Horseless Rider club where you learn about how to care for a horse but don't actually get to ride one it's for kids who love horses but don't own one. I'm not very keen on the Horseless Rider one I don't think the girls quite fully comprehend why on that so for now we'll just start with one club.

*taps her foot*
I really hope the service technician calls soon because there are a great deal of other things here at work that I need to get done other than babysitting a telephone.

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  1. Horseless Rider club makes me think of the Headless Horseman story and Ichabod Crane for some reason. We had some family time on Sunday where we went out to breakfast and it was nice as it had been a while since the four of us were together doing the same thing.