Sunday, August 18, 2013

Kid's Halloween Party 2013 - Planning Phase

This will be a posting that is updated quite a few times just to make it easier for a few of us ladies to get together and post links and update it as needed as plans come together for an all out kids Halloween Party. We've seen them growing up on the TV or read about them in the books or maybe a few rare friends would have that haunted garage or you'd walk buy kids parties going. Well a bunch of us have been talking for a year and this is something we TOTALLY want to do with the kids!

So here is to planning a great Halloween Party let's hope we can pull this one together!

Creepy Ice Hand I've heard of a few fails on this project so we'll have to do a trial run.

Grape Eyeballs Look like they could be fun with some plastic martini glasses for the kids make them feel all grown up.

Hard Candy "Blood Drip" I had this idea but using candy apple dip but I found this site had a hard candy recipe. I'm not sure which would be better but it does look like it'd be fun to use for the glasses!

Hand-Burger ! Oh a quick add already! I thought this was funny and cute!
I think this one would be real cheap and easy to do if we start saving up milk jugs right now then all we'd need is to pull out a string of xmas lights. 

Watermelon Brain! Oh this looks neat! I bet my friend Sarah could totally pull this off!

I'll add more stuff up later! Of course we are talking the traditional stuff too like bobbing for apples and maybe a movie like Casper or something showing!

More ideas! There's so many and many I forgot to collect to put on here! Eep! And the party date is fast approaching!

I saw this on Dana Made It and thought it'd be cheap and easy to set up! I love anything cheap and easy!

I was getting ready to order Katherine a subscription of Ranger Rick when I was going through their website and found THIS fruity jack-o-lantern.

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