Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Manic Monday

"ma·nia  noun \ˈmā-nē-ə, -nyə\
1: excitement manifested by mental and physical hyperactivity, disorganization of behavior"

So it's actually Tuesday right now but I'm writing for Monday while I wait for my jeans to get done drying for work. It was a pretty crazy Monday and I said it last year that I need a Monday series because my Mondays always seem a tad bit crazy but no more crazy than most people. 

Monday I went to work because I had that large format plotter (remember my post from before?) that was getting fixed and I was informed that how I was to deal with visitors that I was not going to put through safety (because he wasn't going into the plant) is that I just needed to escort him and basically be with the guy 100% of the time which means not a lot of work got done. A little afternoon I watch the guy leave. I'm not sure if I was suppose to physically escort him out or not it was all rather weird and went to have lunch with my husband at Cheddar's. I know, I know we really shouldn't have gone out to eat because our eat out budget is about blown already for the month because my husband seems to enjoy going out 2+ times a week. It's rather getting on my nerves. I enjoyed lunch though then went back to work to turn in some paperwork, update some files and fight with an update for my AutoCAD but I did eventually get it to install.
From work it was to home because I forgot my grocery list. I thought about mowing (side note I had string trimmed the front lawn and around the back shed before work that morning) and it looked like rain but I told myself I could hold off until after I got groceries and my youngest daughter from after school.
While getting groceries my oldest gets home (she's a month shy of 13 so her staying home 15-20 min I don't count as a big deal) she calls me up on her cell phone sobbing. When I finally get her to calm down I find out she ripped out the bottom of her backpack. A backpack mind you that I thought wouldn't last a month but she insisted on using it and I didn't buy it so I didn't argue but kept back her high dollar one from last year. So now I have been tasked with trying to figure out how to fix this backpack that will be fun. The only way I could get her to calm down though was me promising I would try.
By time I get out of the grocery store it's pouring down rain. Well there goes mowing the lawn. I go get Katherine and take her home and unload groceries. 
Katherine so far has had a very good year at school and I found out that they brought back her behavior points sheet though I haven't seen it yet. I'm curious if there is anything I need to sign but she told me she got all but 1 of her points and that is excellent so we are having a great start to the school year for her. 
Last night was taco night. Brielle was doing homework which took her over 3 hours last night as she was laden down with geometry and language arts. I think the 8th grade is trying to kill her or she thinks it at least and during this time I took Katherine under my wing since she didn't have homework. Katherine helped measure all the ingredients for making taco seasoning and I helped her with her technique to get the measuring spoons level. She did an awesome job and then I taught her how to use my scale so she could split up the hamburger I bought so we could freeze what we didn't need this week. She thought the scale was great! After all the meat was packaged she started weighing random things. I also had her help me with the stirring and the mixing of the seasonings when it was time. 
Dinner went over well then I worked on laundry and dishes and played a few puzzle games on my computer and watched a show with the husband. It felt much more crazy than it really was. I just don't like going grocery shopping on days I have to work. On that note though I was mean and had my husband go out last night because I didn't have dried onion flakes! Well I did about 1/8 tsp not the 1 TBS I needed! It has me thinking I should take some onion and throw it through the food processor and then try it in the dehydrator. Or should I dehydrate big pieces of onion and then throw them through a food processor? Hmmm I'll have to see what the online community suggests. 
Other than that just trying to get next weekends birthday party in order. That has already begun to be a headache. 
Since I'm blogging now I suppose I'll cover this past weekend. 
Brielle enjoyed playing Magic at the gaming shop and Peter said he'd help her out so she can get a better grasp of her deck. 
Katherine enjoyed pokemon but no one was really playing the card game this past Saturday so Peter said he'd get himself a deck for those days so he can play with her. They also do the video game at the shop and that is what a lot of kids are into so we are getting that for Katherine's birthday present. 
Sunday we went to see Despicable Me 2 in the theater and found it to be a very funny movie we were all laughing. We then went to the library.
(My camera on my phone decided to play nice!)
After that we came home and and the girls and I made zucchini bread and started on a dinner of spaghetti-o's! It was a silly dinner but I found 4 cans of it on discount the other day and it made things easy. 
Since then Katherine has been hooked into her book "Silver Dragon Codex" and every morning she gets up and starts reading and has an arguement with me (not a mean one just her trying to figure out the whys and hows) because she wants to take the book to school with her but seeing how last year she was getting in trouble for reading during class I don't want to tempt fate. 

Well that's it for the most part. I suppose I could be doing something else while my work clothes dry. 


  1. Whew! I am tired from reading about your Monday. Oh, how I despise grocery shopping in the rain so I feel for you. My boys like to play Yu Gi Oh! and both still like Pokemon a bit. I am constantly trying to figure out how to keep all those cards organized (and off the floor!). We've tried photo boxes, binders, and Ziploc bags. I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's backpack. I hope for her sake you can figure out a fix.

    1. We generally use card boxes for storage and deck boxes for actual card decks. That doesn't mean that I now don't have boxes and cards scattered around(my husband being the main offender). Really can't give much advice on fixing that but if you figure something out let me know so I can use it against my husband.... I'd like my coffee table and couch back this lifetime.
      Yeah I'll need all the luck and well wishes in the world for this back pack. I'm still trying to figure out a game plan for it.