Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Social Networking Question

So yesterday I was faced with a couple questions that really I really am not sure about. Mostly centered around Facebook though it could be extended to Google+ and others. 


The first one is my 12 year old daughter. She turns 13 next month. She has it set in her head that she must be 18 for a Facebook account the truth is at 13 she reaches their requirement. I could very well just tell her 'no' but I feel that she's pretty responsible it is everyone one else I'm worried about. Heck I'd even have to make sure she was blocked from my ranting posts because I would made sure that I could follow her and have her password to check on things. We are pretty liberal about technology around here but it still doesn't mean I'm not cautious. Thoughts or opinions?  

The other question is I see a lot of bloggers have a Facebook or other social networking account or 'group' for their blog. While part of me wants to think it is a little silly the other part of me wonders if it is something I should do also. Opinions?

It's a lot to think about and I've been churning it over in my head since yesterday. 

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  1. I was kind of relieved when my 12 year old son said he wanted no part of a Facebook account (not that it might not change...he just turned 12). I think it would be okay as long as the page and pictures were set to private (I see too many adults who can't seem to figure that out) and you followed it closely. I have a Facebook page for my blog (and a twitter account that I rarely use) and I do see a bit of traffic from it. I think it just helps to let people know when I post something. Sadly, I have no idea how Google+ really works.